Heroic Yorsahj…I just don’t understand it

I have never been afraid of asking for help, and perhaps one of you out there can answer me this in a way that is helpful.

Mana voids.

It makes absolutely no sense to me whatso ever to keep the void up at all.

So, before everyone jumps in guns blazing, let’s start from the beginning.

The theory as I understand it is as follows:

Get it to 30/20%, then waste your cooldowns to regen some mana back to wait for another mana void to spawn so you can pop back up to full mana after it has sucked out the last vestiges of the small amount your regen got you back.


Explain to me how that is better than:

Mana void sucks your mana, pew pew to 0%, mana back, still have personal cooldowns for regen when actually needed?

Perhaps I am only looking at this from an arcane mage perspective being I require full mana to pump out any sort of DPS thanks to our class design, but it seems awfully stupid that I have to waste my cool downs to get my mana back and therefore stuff up my entire rotation because it will give me full mana later when I won’t actually be able to do anything with it since my mana regen will be on cool down anyway?

How was that for a circle of confusion?

Of course this is all on the basis that in a random fight, we don’t actually know if we will even get another blue quickly enough and may actually have to kill the first one anyway…so why not just spend the extra 15 seconds killing it in the first place?

I really just don’t understand how it makes it any better – and yes, more than 6 people have tried to explain it to me and so far no one has succeeded in even understanding what I am trying to say.  So it just goes around in circles. I have also read pages and pages and pages as to why it is better and I still don’t see why it is actually better?  Is this a case of someone said it once and then everyone followed and then now its the thing to do?

Are there any other guilds out there clearing H Yorsahj and actually killing the mana voids as they spawn?  Input…I would love some 🙂

6 comments on “Heroic Yorsahj…I just don’t understand it

  1. It’s a healing / dps timing issue. When your mana is drained you want it back as soon as possible, particularly for the harder colour combinations on Yor’sahj.

    So if the first combination to include a mana drain is relatively easy on healing, leave the void up and use a few mana regen cooldowns for that round. Dot up the mana void, but focus DPS on Yor’sahj.

    When the next mana void comes along all your mana will be drained again … but this time, the earlier void is available and can be broken quickly, as the health is already low. This gives the raid full mana around 3 times as faster as would otherwise be possible, and lets them repeat the cycle (dot up the mana void but dps the boss).

    There are flaws (it is very easy for AOE to break a weakened mana void in a cycle where you don’t need it, which means the earlier mana cooldowns were wasted), but in general it allows faster mana recovery for healers in almost every cycle after the first, and makes it easier for the dps to focus on the boss.

    • Oh hello Sevros 🙂 thanks for stopping by and commenting! I understand what you are saying, but I don’t understand the logic….leave it with me though because there is something in the way ou have explained it that s tugging at me….yes my brain function is wildly different to normal people 🙂

  2. Hi Dragon! I’ll just tell you that it takes a HELL of a lot of time to DPS down that mana void if you don’t have excellent DPS. And if you have a lot of casters, it’s gonna be even more crap. That’s why you ride out just ONE blob round like that with no mana (so for the first mana void that comes, you use your mana cooldown with a crappy amount of mana and do some crappy dps, or maybe NO dps because you’ll need to save it for the next blob) while melee smack the mana void down. Green Blue Purple is probably the best combination because there won’t be many adds.

    So the mana void is teetering on minimal health, and the next blobs come. You kill the blobs, and if it’s another mana void phase, brilliant! Because when the mana void comes and sucks away all your mana again, the melee pops the old mana void and BANG all your mana comes back faster than you could have ever DPS’d the mana void down. And now you have a new mana void for the melee to DPS down while all the casters are happy and start smashing the boss with full mana. And so now you’ll have a low health mana void again for the next time another mana void comes.

    I hope that makes sense!

    • Thanks for the response Navi 🙂 DPSing down taking a long time would make sense..I just assumed the void woudl go down as quickly as it does in normal.

  3. Our guild uses this tactic. It’s essentially about the healers and comparatively low damage output at the beginning of the fight and the certain knowledge that all mana regen spells are off cool down. So we allow the first Mana Void to drop, one of our hunters picks it up, pops a skull on it, and DPSes it down, away fromthe boss, to about 25%. The raid pops all their mana regens and the healers can usually cope with the healing in this mana light phase.

    Now we have a great mana well. When the second mana void drops our DK tank waits for our mana to get stolen by the new void then death grips the old void to the boss. We all nuke the low health, skull marked mana void and quickly get our mana back, for ourselves but more importantly for our healers. The hunter DPSes the new mana void down to about 25% and when the first is most certainly popped he will put a skull mark on the new void he is playing with.

    This works epically well and I don’t have to think (as a warlock). First Mana Void I use Life Tap, Death Coil and Drain Life a little. Later in th e fight our tank yells ‘nuke skull’ which has now magically appeared right in front of me, next to the boss I’m nuking, couple of Life Taps pew pew and BOOM full mana! Lovely healers fix the green bar that I make the blue bar out of: blue bar makes pew pew.

    This strategy makes it easy for the caster DPS (particularly Warlocks) and the healers to not have to really worry about mana and voids during an already tricky fight. I likes simples.

    • LOl I like simples to…hence why I don’t like this because it sounds so complicated 😀 I mean I don’t mine doing it if I can understand the reason behind…but I am one of those people that doesn’t just do things because I got told to.

      It’s a horrible personalit trait really :p LOL

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