Raiding…can it really be you?

So, after much turmoil, discussion and weighing of our options, hubby and I have decided to just stay where we are. Blizzard really need to come up with a bulk transfer option for moving toons.  Neither of us could justify spending the money to move all our toons back to horde (given we just switched alliance) and to another server to start life up again.

I feel bad for Frosties as I had planned to be with them, but I just can’t justify it in my mind.  I can’t even really commit to a raid team due to my work roster and I would hate to jeopardize a raid team or not even raid very often because of my shifts.

This fortnight is ok, I am on earlies, but the next couple of weeks are late and that means I may not be home in time to start raids.  It will be like this until I change jobs.

Anyway we decided to stay on Nagrand and just raid with some blogging friends of mine.  They are nice and funny and so far in the two raids we have been in, we have had a lot of laughs and boss kills.

We did normal 10 man – killed a few bosses, both hubby and I got some upgrades – Sha of Pride first, I died on the trash :p, Galakras was defeated Iron Juggernaut caused us a couple of wipes due to positioning and really..OWWIES!!!, Dark Shaman was another couple of wipes – positioning and again OWWIES! also lag for our healers was not helping, but got there in the end – I love that fight!!  Love it!! So much crazy in one space! Also scored a groovy achievement on Nazgrim, I died a horrible burning death on that fight.

Defensive stance

We attempted Malkorok, but wiped a couple of times without killing him, I blame myself really, about half way through the raid I lost my focus due to some of the discussion happening and I couldn’t seem to get my focus back.  Really I forgot the problem with being in a guild is the triggery stuff that gets said.

The next night we went back in and did Siegecrafter (I died – as I always do on that fight), I just haven’t got my grove with that one yet, paragons and we then Garrosh – with a cool achievement :

Thrall Flexi

Garrosh, was technically easy, but the strat was different and I wasn’t really sure if I was supposed to be in or out, but overall not really bad.  I died because we got told to wait during one of the intermissions but someone in my group went in and I wasn’t fast enough to get out of the purple stuff – I got stuck on the stairwell and had nowhere to go 😦

It was so much fun to be raiding again, I still feel bad I am not with the Frosties, but my pally is still there and I do plan on playing her a lot, she is one of my favourite toons after all, but until it becomes cheaper to move multiple toons I can’t justify it.  You would think at this point when people have multiple alts – for levelling or banking – it gets very expensive.  😦  Happy and Sad panda!

Looking for Garrosh

One thing I have noticed since roaming around Ogrimmar is the amount of thugs now harassing the poor little people.  I dislike Garrosh who really does like him? I can’t wait to lay some smackdown on him, so of course that requires I do some LFR!!!

Hubby and I signed up for it and copped a really bad run, so we decided to wait until our best friends were online and we conned them into taking us on a run, they are on a different server in a raiding guild doing really well, but we have always done 5 mans together and had fun just running around when we can.  It is a lot of fun when we get the chance to just play together, this was no different.

We got both parts 2 and 3 done the other night with little issues…I didn’t really enjoy the first fight as you get off the boats – it was a little long and a little bland, but perhaps it would be better in the tower team?  maybe next time.  I loved the the other fights, they were all pretty fun and completely insane, fights I really enjoy as you should.  The Dark Shaman fight is fantastic and I can’t wait to do that again – so many spell affects and things to avoid…

Gates of nazgrim

Malkorok was one of those fights that I just did not understand, I stayed alive though and mostly followed the crowd, but I just didn’t understand what happening, going to try and read about that one some more and see if I can’t understand it a little better for next time.  The boxes boss was pretty fun as well, something slightly different but still challenging and of of course, who doesn’t love being chased by a T-rex


I also had scenes from the lion king flashing in my mind of Pumbaa being chased by Nala screaming “She’s going to eat me!!”  That’s healthy fear right there!!!


Last part to go now, not sure when I will get it done but I am looking forward to it.  From the description of the fight I may live to eat my words, but you know it’s LFR…how bad can it be??  RIGHT!?!?


From the bottom of my heart – thank you.

Too often we bemoan people and the game, but today I wanted to thank a couple of people because they have made me complete.  By me, I of course mean my mage, and by extension – my self happiness.

Last night, we wanted to do FL and get some Rag lovin’.  We were short, so we pugged a couple of people, one had a Rag’s lockout. WOOT!

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1.25 hours/4 bosses down and WoW @ work

Yup, I know some people can clear DS in that time, but we are a slower more relaxed guild ok :p (Well that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it).

We managed to recruit a couple of people this week, a healer and a dps, which is fantastic, so we have been able to field some full raid groups.  Last night was spectacular.

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8 manning DS..again

Eventful night, really surprised we even got a raid going.  One of our healers was ill and not really up to it, so she was dpsing, we recruited another healer and then we only had 8 online…

We wiped once on Morchok to sudden tank death, then we wiped once on Yorsaj due to my bad call out. 

We didn’t start until about 8pm either, and we called it at 9.10pm as we could not do Zonozz with only 8..too much damage for our healers to handle.

We did get another DPS in for Yorsaj, on the second attempt as well.

It is so frustrating!!!!!  We could have cleared up to warmaster last night had everyone been online and ontime, anyway, such is life at the moment.

My mind has been very much toying with the idea that for MoP I want to be in/part of a guild who will be seeing content.  I don’t necesarily want extreme hardmodes, but it would be nice to be in a guild with people who want to push themselves just that little bit more to be better and kill bosses faster. 

It also doesn’t help that I copped a tirade from someone who is supposed to be a real life friend again – and I don’t want a game to be the thing that ruins our friendship – I understand everyone has faults and I make no mistakes in my mind about the kind of person they are, but I am not going to take that kind of crap from them in game as well as IRL when I had no decision on the matter they were pissed about – they shoudl have taken it up with the GL.

Ahh people, they make life so much more disturbing some times!  LOL


Back the raidzone

It was our first night back in and we smashed through the first four bosses like a knife through butter.

We started late by about 20 minutes and I think everyone was a little hyped up. I borked the first boss…I got stuck behind a pillar and then to avoid the black blood I ran into some adds…and well you can guess where that went 🙂 smashed him when we came back though.

Went straight to zonnozz a d we wiped on e due to bad positioning and then I am pretty sure we got him on the next attempt. Considering we spent a month wiping on him; it was a massive upper for the guild!

One shot on the slime lord and then headed to the evil hagara! We had spent two nights on her before the Xmas break so I figured it was going to rough. Thanks to some research into healing through the ice tombs, we only wiped twice, I think, and then we got her. Everyone stayed alive during the tombs and we didn’t lose anyone until right near the end.

Overall though it was an absolutely epic night! I honestly had not expected that success and it was fantastic to see the team work and everything being in sync.

Thursday will be ultraxion….let’s see how we go then hey? Wish us luck!

Throne of the four winds

For some reason this raid always makes me think of people farting…gross I know! But it does always manage to put a smile on my face -especially when the boss is doing the wind gust…..I shall say no more 🙂

The guild has been wiping on him for a little while now and give him few attempts every week….well no longer 🙂 they killed him! We spent all night wiping and getting him to about 6% by which time it was just the tank up!

By the end of it I was burning everything I had in phase 1 and dying every single time in phase three about 2 seconds after popping time warp….argh!!!!!!

The guild got their title and mounts, a few of us need to head back in for a few bosses before we can get them…..hopefully they will help us a achieve that!

Congratulations to us though, 2 kills in one week – firelands is now closer 🙂