I joined the crazy club!

Since I joined the Frosties on Dath, my warrior has decided he is quite enamored and would like to stay for a while, I have no idea what they get up to when I am not around, but it must be good.  I suspect something to do with drumming and half naked tauren females of a suitable age, he does have such a soft spot for the feather headdress’.

Anyway,  getting off track there.

I have created a tauren druid to keep him company, however given my recent guild drama I may change that to a warlock /DK given they are the classes I have not levelled to max (or have any intention to) and i already have a druid…not sure I want to switch servers with all my toons though – it does get expensive when you have a few inter-dependant toons doesn’t it?  LOL  They really need to have a bulk discounted rate for people to move accounts and not just toons.

I also created a BE rogue to play with. I will see which one takes my fancy more over the next few weeks and see what happens.  My rogue is currently level 10 – two more levels to go and it will be the highest level rogue I have ever had.

You can definitely tell when someone is an addict – when they create a toon and have that many account pets that you get this achieventment :p  I have made her an enchanter and JC…an enchanter would be nice over this side for all my DE’ing needs 🙂

I decided that I love my druid so much, one wasn’t enough, so potentially, by baby druid will be resto and boomy…or maybe bear….but always boomy….ALWAYS!!   Isn’t she just gorgeous 🙂  She is currently sitting at level 8.  I stopped her to create my rogue simply because I may move my druid over to Dath.  Either way I am set to level a second druid- which means I have joined the club of those insane people that have multiple max level toons of the same class.  The majority seem to be Pallies and Druids – but I could never level another pally…that would just be hell I think  – it is for that reason I would never level another mage..they sucked so much during the levelling process in Vanilla, I could not do it again!


Also found a flying pig whilst levelling her…I was quite amused.


It’s raining mounts…and pets…hallelujah it’s raining mounts!

Yes it is, I have been meaning to update the last few days and honestly, I have just been so focused on getting the few things done that I needed for the following fantastic show of mounts 🙂

Follow me behind the cut for all my pretties!

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What a day for adventure :D

I have fially finished work and I am at home sick 😦 So I decided to jump online this morning and farm for some of the new pets that have come out and what a day 🙂

I started with the sunflower – plants vs zombie style 🙂 I have closed up far too much PvZ time so figured it would be easy….well it wasn’t easy, but it certainly wasn’t hard 🙂 intense is probably more the right word!

Then I went and farmed for my Mr grubbs, so cool, you have to do a quest first to get the buff to be able to find the hudden stash bags.  Only took me about 30 minutes and voila!!

He is pretty awesome, he somersaults over head occasionally.   So here is abad picture of him jumping over me 😀

Then off to find Withers, I have to admit finding the cave was icky, with all the changes to Darkshore etc I had to climb everywhere to find it, but then I am an idiot when it comes to directions.   Kind of loks like the teldrassil sproutling thingie, but hey it’s another pet 🙂

Dropped past Org to so the croclosiks quest, which I do fairly often, I try to remember to go and check it out, but I have never gotten a pet out of it, until today.  I scored Snarly!!  Completely unexpected that drop 🙂

SO as if this wasn’t enough for me, I checked my bank balance and well yeah, I bought the two new pets from the store 🙂 ehehhe  So lil Rag can be used as a cooking fire as well apparently – have to test that out later I think 😀  And well the moonkin is just so gorgeous how could I say no 😀

So do you think I scored enough pets for the day :d hehehehe

dragonfyre the Pilgrim

Yup, finally got it!!

I spent about 2 hours the other night trying to to get to Exodar to do the final table, but for some reason I just kept doing things wrong. I kepy drowning of fatigure trying to get to teldrassil, kept forgetting to use my water walking potion :/ The the guards would be kill me before I had a chance to get onto the boat once I got onto Teldrassil, being they are level 85 now I must have managed to just run the exact path that gathered them all.

In the end I begged my husband to come with me so he could sacrifice himself and attract the guards whilst I ran through….We did this quote successfully and he said to me “Um what was so hard about that???” and I just felt so dumb……until I noticed him at a third health and shielded and healing…ahhhh so it was almost death for you as well…..hehehe

Anyway I am glad I got it done, means I have another pet, and another title 😀

I have also collected all the new tabards for the main cities – except undercity i think…I need to find their quartermaster, but pretty cool that I have a bunch of new tabards to wear. I don’t need the rep – except for the new Bilgewater Cartel obvioulsy once Cata drops. I am hoping they create some new achievements for collectors as we have gone stale – although I do still need to work on my mount one…I am 83 of 100….

Quick update

I have been extremely busy this last week, so haven’t really had a chance to update or indeed even play very much.

So I was appalled when I finally caught up on some wow news to find out the shattering was/is/had happened!! OMG I MISSED IT!!!

So I hastily jumped online late last night when i got home decided to just have a fly around the new areas – some of them – and start on my pilgrim’s bounty stuff before the weekend kills my chances of getting my damn turkey pet 🙂 GOBBLE GOBBLE!!

I have to say I was a completely confused by orgrimmar…I LOVE the changes – but I was so lost 🙂 It was exciting to be in the same world but not in the same world 🙂

I got most of my achievements done, I just need to do the instance, find some rogues and…I can’t remember i think I have one more…can’t remember what though. I have to do the dailies every day because I was stupid and didn’t realize the turkey shooter only had one use…yeah I just wasn’t paying attention, so I am hoping like hell I get enough of them before the end of the festival..I kept taking the clothes as rewards….<—-RTARD!!!

I have to actually do some work now, so I will post again later 😀

Hyacinth macaw and renaming my waterboy :D

Trying to get my rep back up from the Bloodsail Admiral title, and i decided to farm myself the Hyacinth macaw.  I go out to STV every few weeks and farm for a little while.  I would say I have farmed for maybe 9 hours in total down there, and that’s probably more than.  But I scored my Macaw today!!

Then after deciding to see if a rename worked, I changed by water elemental to Nereid, which is a water elemental spirit, in Greek Mythology they often accompany Poseidon and are associated with the Aegan Sea 😀

To change his name :

/run PetRename(“Goose”)

Obviously change Goose to whatever name you actually want to use.  This is also a permanent change and cannot be altered later 😀  Here he is with his wonderful new name 😀  Better than just “Water elemental” if you ask me!!!

Pet farming luck :D

Decided whilst I am not really involved in anything to farm some pets that I have been too slack to do in the past 🙂


Managed to score two last night!! The Azure whelping and the oozeling…I was trying for the emerald whelping but ended up going to bed, so will continue with that next time I log in 😀

I am now 104 or 128 pets according to warcraftpets.com, so I am slowly getting there.  I could also pickup the last 2 alliance tournie pets, and I could buy the horde ones easily enough, but I might just get one of my horde toons working on the rep maybe? Or find a horde person who wants to do swapsies with me??

Death in Booty Bay

I decided last night, after doing some dailies to go forth and once again farm creatures in Hinterlands for the damn distress beacon….FINALLY got it after only about 20 minutes of killing slimes 😀 YAY ME!!!  Only taken me over 18 hours to farm the damn beacon….

Did the escort quest for my last chicken and then headed to Booty Bay where I promptly died upon landing as I forgot that I am not friendly with BB after getting my admiral hat 😀

Also found out I could not even hand in my quest – I was hoping by some small chance being he was a gnome he would have a different allegiance…I was sadly wrong 🙂

So I scampered off and started killing bloodsails, I figure I may as well farm the Hyacinth Macaw whilst getting my rep back up enough to hand in the damn distress beacon chicken!!  LOL  I have to get all the way from hated, so I figure I am going to be killing a fair few bloodsails….and yes.,..I am no longer going after the insane title…I just can’t be bothered in all honesty 🙂

Once  I have done these two I will start on the disgusting oozeling 🙂  Hopefully my priest will be level 50 soonish – if i actually start trying to get her moving and I can just throw her in the pit and let her work for it 😀  My shammy farmed 3 levels and a firefly so it is a good method 🙂 hehehe