Week 11 – Nov

6th April – 12th April


Please pick one of these countries:
November 01: Antigua and Barbuda (from the UK in 1981)
November 03: Dominica (from the UK in 1978)
November 03: Panama (see notes)
November 09: Cambodia (from France in 1953)
November 11: Angola (from Portugal in 1975)
November 11: Poland (see notes)
November 15: Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (declared Nov 15, 1983)
November 18 / and May 4: Latvia (from Russia in 1918)
November 18: Morocco (from France and spain in 1956)
November 22: Lebanon (from France in 1943)
November 25: Suriname (from the Netherlaqnds in 1975)
November 26: Mongolia (from China in 1921)
November 28: Albania (5 centuries of Ottoman rule ended in 1912)
November 30: Barbados (from the UK in 1966)
November 30: Yemen (from the UK in 1967)

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