Tanking,raiding and wiping; Oh MY!

So, one of our best geared players has decided to no longer raid due to loot issues. This person just happened to be our MT.

I had hoped the GM would talk to him and perhaps convince him to come back, but that doesn’t seem to be the case, so last night I was advised I was going to be tanking. I have spoken a few times about changing my main to my tank, however I didn’t really want to do it this late in an expansion when my gear is sorely lacking behind the others.

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Spine of death wing…. Oh yeah

No, we didn’t defeat spine, but we almost got to the third tendon!

We didn’t get the tendons first time round, we missed the first one by about 3 seconds, and the second one was miles away from it, essentially we did the tendon fight 4 times though, and just before the last tendon we got overrun with bloods. I was about to call out for DPS on the bloods and as I was pushing the button to say it, most of us dropped dead.

I think we had about 5 attempts on spine tonight which was fantastic given this was our second night ever on spine.

My concern tonight was that we wouldn’t get through Warmaster Blackhorn, the last few times we have seen him again, it has been horrific. Tonight though, we wiped a few times, then all of a sudden everyone was on their game and boom!

Hopefully we will have enough on tomorrow night so we can spend the night on it. I think we may be pretty close! Fingers are tightly crossed!

So close yet so far

Tonight was one of those nights that breaks your heart.

We finally seemed to get a handle on the fight; we actually were getting the warmaster to drop. Our best attempt was 18%, we tended to lose someone just after transition and that would start the downfall.

Sadly after the couple of attempts in which we got warmaster down, it all went pear shaped and we couldn’t repeat it again, in truth – we got worse with each attempt.

However I am going to focus on the positive! We got to 18%!!! Rock on!!!!!

We may not get him this reset, but it will be very very very soon….all our hopes are for tomorrow night 🙂

gah..zonozz i hate you


I wanted us to clear all 5 bosses tonight so we had some solid work on warmaster, and we mostly managed it.  We cleared the first four…after wiping..6 times on Zon’ozz….

and when i mean wiping, I mean epic failure of massive proportions…balls going all over the place, tanks not moving to the ball fast enough and letting it go right by them, people dying for no reason, ball bouncing for no reason, people stealing agrro off tank in first 2 seconds so ball going to france….


We walked away and went to Yorsahj – one shot him, then came back for Warlord (3 more attempts finally saw him die)…we stayed an extra 20 minutes after raid time just to get hagara down.  So Sunday we will be Ultrax and warmaster again – we 2 shot ultrax last time, so we will have plenty of time for Warmaster this week….I am not sure if that is a good or bad thing though 🙂

We had some minor loot drama which I caused but it annoys me that people can not play for a month without advising us, and then just come in and take loot from people who have been doing the wiping with us.  I am going to bring this up with the officers as I am sick of having no loot rules set down – and the overall “meh’ conditions people are guilding under…

I got a ring upgrade as well, which is nice and will do some more LR see if I can’t finally win something in there 🙂  SO far I have won 4 pieces I think and I have run it….hrmm maybe…12 times?


Warmaster Fatface (Blackhorn)….

I cannot…CANNOT….arggghhhh!!

Horrible horrible horrible fight on 10 man….so horrible in fact that i can’t even bring myself to typing about it without wanting to crawl into a corner shaking and crying.

He is our wall, and honestly I am letting the team down. I can do 27k on Ultrax on a good pyro night, yet on WB I am barely managing 11k dps…and that’s maybe….generally I am under 10k…

It’s so insane, I am constantly running around to get things and I am just not being able to get the dps out which means we are getting overrun with adds.

I am soaking every second twilight onslaught and that was helping us on Monday night, and we were really really close to getting to actually fight Warmaster…like…1.2 drakes to go…

We kept losing the ship though – not to sappers though, to all the other damage.

We are doing everything right, we just need to get more practice at it.  So another week clearing and we should be just that little bit closer!!