Week 2 – February

2nd Feb – 8th Feb




Pick one of these countries:

February 04: Sri Lanka (from the UK in 1948)
February 07: Grenada (from the UK in 1974)
February 11: Iran (end of Monarchy in 1979)
February 11: Vatican City (Lateren Treath signed with Italy 1929)
February 12: Chile (declared from spain in 1818)
February 15: Serbia (beginning of Serbian revolution against Ottoman occup in 1804)
February 16: Lithuania (from the Russian and German Empires in 1918)
February 17: Kosovo (from Serbia in 2008, not universally recognized)
February 18: Gambia (from the UK in 1965)
February 24: Estonia
February 25: Kuwait (from the UK in 1961)
February 27: Dominican Republic (from Haiti in 1844)

All the Flags!!

All the Flags!!

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