Not Alone

So, last night was a bust – we had 5 people online to raid again.  However, it seems to be a trend, the last few blog posts I have read from others have been about the issues with raiding and their teams.

It seems like everyone is insane at the moment – changing teams, replacing people without explanation, pugging…blah blah blah.  Pre-xpac must have some sort of neurotoxin that I know nothing about yet 🙂

I forgot Diablo3 came out today, I should have set it to download before i left for work this morning.  I am not sure I want to play it – I guess I do though 🙂  I did like D1&2 – but I only really played the first few levels as the characters used to scare me too much to keep playing.  LOL

Diablo 2 was the first sort of RPG I had ever played and it was scary – the idea that monsters could kill me :p

I will set it to download tonight before bed.

Thrown out…

I was in a LFD run yesterday on my hunter trying to get some levelling done on her, and for the first time since the LFD tool came into being, I was expelled from a group!!

Two points – I was about to leave anyway and I managed to get a big old “F*** You” off before I got dumped.

We were in undead Strat, and we wiped 3 times before I got booted because the “tank” would just charge into an area and of course all the nearby mobs would aggro, then a flying gargoyle would aggro more and it was just overall stupid, then I watched the mage run straight into a group of zombies and a banshee.

Suffice it to say, we got back up and kept going. However we moved just around the corner and the same thing happened, tank charged into massive group with everything nearby aggroing as well, then someone pulled the bunch of 8 mobs to the left and my pet…decided to run to the furthest mob which then aggroed three more mobs.

Of course we wiped and the tank started screaming in party, I apologised for my pet grabbing three extra mobs as I had targetted a different mob to the one I put him on, but I forget to take him off assist and it was all bad.

However as I was typing my response of “my ONE mistake does not count for the 3 you made or the 2 the mage made, I have no idea why you are screaming at me – go F*** yourself!”  I hit enter, saw it go into party, and as I was about to drop –  I was booted. Yes I realise it was 3 people voting me off the island but if I had been in the group I would have left the group anyway because I wouldn’t want to run with someone that rude – I can’t count how many times I have dropped groups because people are just flat out rude to each other.

I am not the kind of person to ever get angry like that in game, I try to respect everyone equally.  Yes I stuffed up – I did apologise and I am only level 47 on my hunter, so I am still learning – but why am I the source of your abuse for being a retard that doesn’t know you should LoS pull in Strat, and avoid just running into the centre areas because everything nearby does aggro?

I was so upset about it last night, because I felt I had been too rude to him in chat – that will forever be on my record now.  But he was soo nasty about one mistake, one mistake.

I have run some shocking LFD’s – tanks in DPS gear, tanks in all greens, healers in wrong specs, dps below 3k, I have seen it all and I have seen some unbelievably nasty things being said in those runs, and it still amazes me that people can be so horrible to other people.

There is a reason why rape, bullying, murder, war and famine etc etc all keep occurring – because the human race as a group – can’t be nice to each other – we have to compete and be better and belittle and pick on the weaker…’s disgusting.  Are we really the minority – the nice onces?

gah..zonozz i hate you


I wanted us to clear all 5 bosses tonight so we had some solid work on warmaster, and we mostly managed it.  We cleared the first four…after wiping..6 times on Zon’ozz….

and when i mean wiping, I mean epic failure of massive proportions…balls going all over the place, tanks not moving to the ball fast enough and letting it go right by them, people dying for no reason, ball bouncing for no reason, people stealing agrro off tank in first 2 seconds so ball going to france….


We walked away and went to Yorsahj – one shot him, then came back for Warlord (3 more attempts finally saw him die)…we stayed an extra 20 minutes after raid time just to get hagara down.  So Sunday we will be Ultrax and warmaster again – we 2 shot ultrax last time, so we will have plenty of time for Warmaster this week….I am not sure if that is a good or bad thing though 🙂

We had some minor loot drama which I caused but it annoys me that people can not play for a month without advising us, and then just come in and take loot from people who have been doing the wiping with us.  I am going to bring this up with the officers as I am sick of having no loot rules set down – and the overall “meh’ conditions people are guilding under…

I got a ring upgrade as well, which is nice and will do some more LR see if I can’t finally win something in there 🙂  SO far I have won 4 pieces I think and I have run it….hrmm maybe…12 times?


Changed My mind about LFR

So, I have changed my mind about LFR, I won’t really be doing them again any time soon, perhaps if I can find 25 people who want to do it…but otherwise they can go and shove it.

I will be the first to admit, the first 2 runs I did were awesome, both leaders explained the fights, gave everyone a chance to ask questions and generally were awesome raid leaders.  Last week I ran LFR another 4 times, so in total 6 – and I can say – the first two were the only ones I enjoyed.  The rest, had abusive people, calling people names, not explaining fights, telling people off when they died (from not knowing fights), dropping group because people didn’t know what was going on or asking questions – or maybe too rude….I don’t know.

I decided to try and run LFR today for the new bosses and I have just been into 3 different raids – and have wiped once on the first boss and have copped so much abuse that I left.  Ok, here I admit, the first one I actually joined as lead accidentally – I didn’t realise the lead stays when you change raids….my bad…I asked in the raid more than 6 times for someone to lead and take over as I had never been there – but noone did – however once we died and everyone started having a go at me, I said it one final time, no one answered so I dropped.  Ok I admit I didn’t realise I had chosen lead – but there were p[lenty of people in there who could have taken over and just didn’t want to as I figure it was easier to abuse people.

Anyway so I left that one and joined another one, same thing…bunch of people being arseholes to each other and calling people names, telling them to DIAF etc…so we wiped on the  boss and then after some more abuse I left that one as well.

I joined one more and i made sure i said in raid chat that I had never been here before – however the raid leader didn’t explain the fight then yelled at us on the boss to stack, which we did, and then we all tarted dying…I clicked the button and lasted a little longer…anyway…then someone said “don’t Q if you don’t know the fights”……so what the fuck is the point of the LFR tool then??

Sorry Blizzard I am normally on board with your new things – and I really was with this one….until now….Until you get rid of the fucking idiots, wanders, arseholes and general fuckers in this game  – the same thing is going to occur. And potentially people are not going to want to take up raiding if that is how they get spoken to.  I don’t need to pay money each month to get abused….and I am sorry it is not my idea of fun.

I am so angry right now.  People like that make me hate this game and hate people even more.  So I no longer be running the LFR again.

Birthdays and Firelands

Last night was the 4th birthday of the guild. About 50% of the current raiding base are from the original guild that me, hubby and our best friend set up (or people that joined over 3 years ago).  I know I am no longer GM, but I do have a soft spot for a lot of people in the guild.  We have been raiding together since BC.  That’s a long time 😀

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Is it ever going to happen

Guess where we went again last night?


We did, however manage a one shot on shannax; that was mighty cool 🙂

Beth caused us some issues, we had a full ranged team which seemed to cause us a few issues and I am not entirely sure why…i spent the entire fight running around like a mad chook (I guess everyone does though) and we just kept getting overrun.

We had to call the raid early as someone had to leave; so once again we only raided in FL For just on an hour (we did tol barad before hand) and I think we gave Beth three attempts(?)….it just isn’t enough IMHO.

The lack of progression is causing some dissension among the guildies as well, which could end quite badly….but since I don’t know who reads this blog I am not going to say much more about that. This is why I was so open as a guild master – I wanted everything out in the open so people weren’t unhappy behind the scenes. This allowed me the chance to fix things for the better…

Rage moar!?!?!?

Once again I am amazed at the strength of character shown by people in this game.

I have been running dungeons, as you know, pretty solidly and this following screenshot shows that I am just incapable go playing on the same plane of existence as others.

To give background – I am finding dungeons on my boom kin actually quite hard.  I am constantly out of mana from the chain pulling that all the tanks seem to love doing, so much so that I am unable to even get out of combat to drink, so I sometimes have to resort to going kitty (with boom kin gear and spec) just to make it look like I am doing something.

I have also found that I am unable to really compete with DPS meters as my spells as as boomy tend to take some time to ramp up and by then the mob is half dead and I get one actual cast off.  I am doing better on each boss fight – when I have the mana.  So, aside from being asked  by one person why I use hurricane so much (which given everyone AEO’s mobs I am not entirely sure wtf they want me to do)  I copped this following tirade because I was not watching the tanks health…I has stupidly assumed he would have waited for the healer to be close enough…I have placed it behind a cut as it has a couple of rude words…

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Heroic 25 mans, pallies, mages and idiots :)

There was a few people online last night and we decided to just have a play in 25 man heroic….you know…for fun….what else can you do when you have no plans for a Friday night and you have 8 people online to start 🙂

You know, we were actually doing quite well….until the PVP event, which sort of nuked our plans to get any further.  The first attempt on them, I think we all spent about 10 minutes just trying to kill the healers….It was hilarious because we just didn’t have enough interrupts or CC….but I was enjoying myself immensely.

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Karma is my god….

I probably shouldn’t be so cruel, but really, it does give me a little thrill!  Last night our guild was going back to BWD to get Nefarion, they didn’t kill him in the end – got close at about 15% I think- well done!!

However I didn’t raid last night – here is the story.  11 people were online, so one of us would have had to sit out.  Continue reading

Cataclysm begninng to suck

I am officially over it. 

I am about 3 bubbles away from 84 and I don’t think I want to put up with the shit anymore.  I love the game, but seriously the people should all be shot in the damn head and never allowed to play.  I would love for a server where i don’t have to play with people that piss me off….yeah fairly broad range I would probably be playing by myself most of the time, no different to now really.

Today’s tirade is brought to you by LFD tool.  I was just queued up for 35 minutes, I got into the instance and the leader asked me to leave so he could level a guildie.  I had just gotten into a fucking run!  I made some comment and then just dropped group, being asked that just pissed me off and so I knew I was likely to be pissed at the entire group.  Yeah pretty lame I know, but it just pisses me off that I queue for 35 minutes, get stuck with a deserter buff because a guildie can’t run some fucking quests… second experience in running dungeons has not been any better than my first.

Let me tell you about my first dungeon experience, tank kept running in and pulling mobs, groups of them, inevitably we would get a second group and we would die.  This happened about 4 times, he then went off at the DPS for not targeting the correct mobs….on that specific pull mind you – he went with one of thr DPS outside, I was trying to sheep a caster that was attacking the healer and I am pretty sure our last DPS was attacking the mob he wanted.  We wiped on every trash pull and in the end after about 6 deaths and 50g, and then being told we were not doing enough dps because he saw someone doing 15k dps and we sucked, I decided to drop group…..

This does not include all the wankers out there stealing mobs, asking how to do a quest instead of reading the damn thing and generlaly just being a nuisance in game.  I have logged out now as I am just too annoyed at once again not getting anywhere.

I am also pissed at hubby and co, as we were supposed to be starting a guild together and now neither of them are showing any interest which means I could have been levelling with people and getting a guild built up, instead I am having to deal with buttmonkeys……GAHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Are we all still enjoying Cata?

Almost 83

Yeah I am a slow arse I know, but I am just kind of enjoying the ride to 85, last time; when levelling to 80, I rushed through and then was bored waiting for others to catch up.  So this time I am just getting there in my own time.

I haven’t really had much of a chance to play anyway, I have just been so busy, but this week I plan to get to 85 and then start on my warrior whilst levelling my professions on my mage.  A bit of down time never hurt anyone!

I like Hyjal, am glad it is over though, I was getting a little drained towards the end of it.  I am currently questing in Deepholm, which I love, it’s a lovely area.  I attempted to run an instance this morning, one of the ones in deepholm, and it was so fail I ended up leaving after the 4th wipe.  The tank would just run in and grab mobs, no CC, and no explanation, so I was trying to my best to keep mobs of the healers and then he would have a go about not targetting the right mobs etc.  Well I am sorry, I haven’t been here before and a little pre information would be more useful than post degradation.  So I left.  I decided I qould be better of questing trhen spending hours wiping because they want to be big shots.

Bah humbug is all I have to say!!  🙂

All good though, I will jump back in shortly and get to 83 tonight, if I can.  I am going to see MUSE tomorrow night so I doubt I will be playing much, so wanna get there before the end if the week!!!

is it just me?

OK, so patch night sucked fo rme, I only finally managed to get online last night.

I had to reinstall my game twice and download a whole bunch of crud to effect that as well.  For some reason it did not like me at all.

So after finally getting into the game and playing with my toons and ooohing and ahhing over all the changes I was amused by trade chat and all the arguments going on about gear, gems, dps etc.

I was amazed at how many people are up in arms over some changes and complaining about their DPS etc.  Seriously….wtf are you complaining about?  We are like 2 months away from a fucking huge, MAJOR, MASSIIVEEEEE, expansion…why are you even worried about dps or anything at this point.

It has been stated so many times that everything is tuned for when you are level 85….and since no one in the worlds is at level 85, except for the games developers – Shut the fuck up!!!  HONESTLY!!

Just chill out, play with your new spells and learn to play your class all over again, then, once you have hit level 85 start complaining.  Until then just relax and enjoy the game.  Wrath is over….The lich king’s time has passed.  Stop living in the past man!!!

Anyway that is my little rant 🙂

Trying, really trying my patience

Tonight was a great run.

We went into ICC and cleared 9 bosses in one night…all one shot – except for princes, we are not sure what happened, but the hunter tank dropped before you could blink, we think it may have been a flaming ball of death!

It was a very good run, most of the gear was taken as offset for people which is a great sign we may finally be hitting the upper ends of gear in 10 man ICC.  That, and the same pieces are always dropping and therefore not actually being taken.

I equipped my wand from Blood Queen (last week, I forgot to put it on) and I also got my exalted ring, which I need to whack a gem into…might go haste I think!

We are going back in to do the Queen again and then get Sindragosa down, yes she will go down this week – if not tomorrow.

Tonight, however a serious of events set me off mentally, that by the end of the raid, I was fucking angry, so much so, I barely spoke on vents and as soon as the raid was called I jumped off vents and offline with not a word.  Had I not done this I am pretty sure when I had opened my mouth to say goodbye I would have said something very regrettable.

As it is I am likely to want to make snarky comments to the guild about a few things for the next couple of weeks and am just going to have to curb that want.

To be honest I am not entirely sure why I got so annoyed, but I think it has something to do with people not wanting to try anything out of the realms of normality.  If it hasn’t been done before, we can pretty much rest assured that like fuck anyone in my guild will want to try it.  God forbid we do something DIFFERENT – never mind that I have attempted this exact thing previously and it served its purpose nicely, in the end we never needed to actually implement it officially, due to changes in roster.

I think after re-reading that paragraph, what annoys me is that it shifts from what the guild needs or things that may make the guild improve, to what is not beneficial for the individual. 

I want nothing more than to run as frost,  but from a DPS perspective, they are pretty bad in a raiding environment,  so I stick to arcane and may even try fire as my hit is so over the top now as to pull it off.   That’s beside the point,  what I think about is the guild, and if the idea will help the guild surely some support from someone to even attempt it would be better than flat out refusal and mockery?  I am sure (let’s try and think positive hey) that my guildies were not deliberating trying to make me feel awful and like a fucking idiot for suggesting we TRY something 🙂  I am sure.

Anyway it doesn’t matter,  I told all the people having a go to just forget about it, we would just do whatever was easiest for people to deal with.  Some times you just have to shut up, smile and nod your head. 

The other things that got on my goat will have to be addressed in some form in the next couple of weeks, but for the minute I can’t be bothered even thinking about it, just gets me worked up again and I would rather not if I am going to raid tonight.

Enough of that, I am over it now….nice to vent sometimes – just get things off my chest and hence why I blog really 🙂

Sindragosa is the new Thaddius :D

Well at atleast for us she is,we have no spent 2 weeks screwing up on the third phase.

By that I mean, some people are finding the concept hard to stand in a group until the ice tomb hits.

We were starting to see it come together last night, but still far too many people were running around like headless chooks.  i think it may be time for me to crack out the highlighters and set them all straight on how to do it……LOL I may have to use pc paint though as I have not unpacked everything as yet.

Having major issues with our healing department at the moment, and to be honest I am at the end of my tether – friendships aside I am sick of the complaints about a specific person and so it may just be time to tell her how it is again.  I am however in the middle of trying to sort out our house settlement – three weeks late mind you and we are MAYBE going to have it all sorted on Thursday – so at the moment, I am not in any frame of mind to tell people they are not able to raid with us anymore…I am liable to just be nasty if questioned and I don’t think that is a  good place for any Guild leader to be in….I wonder why I have other guild leaders at all sometimes, but again I am just being nasty, so….grrrrrrrr!!!!

Maybe next week will be our lucky break – and then we can start working on the Blood Queen and Lich King…so damn close if we get Sind down 🙂  and we were getting her to like 20%… not far off to be honest.

Another day another headache

So we have lost one guild member to the recent raid time issues, he has been with us since the days of Kara, and will be keeping a toon with us for chatting etc 🙂

He basically apologised for being selfish…and was very amicable about it, however I am unsure why it has even come to this as we are keepingthe raid times in a suitable window…

Anyway we may yet lose another person to the same thing, 2 DPS in one night – I feel like Matticus at the moment 🙂 heeheh

Onward and upward as I always say – let’s see how this pans out and what becomes of the broken hearted.

Not even back a week :)

I don’t really know why I put a smiley face on the title, maybe I am trying to find the funny side of it….

Here’s the background, I was basically away from the game for about 2 months (slightly less) I have 3 GM’s who are actually the GM’s and can do whatever they feel is appropriate and talk amongst themselves and sort out problems.

I got back this week, to a GM asking immediately to be demoted from the ranks – I had not been in game for more than about 15 minutes I would say.  When asked why, we didn’t really give me an answer just re-requested it.  So I demoted him.

2 days later that same GM asks me what is going on and if I am back or am I doing anything about one of the other GM’s taking over. When probed about it there was an issue about raid start/finish times.

When we regrouped from the guild from hell, we never really organised the raid times, we kind of just wanted to get back into raiding as soon as possible, this has now caused an issue.  Once I had assumed my fucking guild leaders could organise and discuss whilst I was away for 2 months, why do they have to wait for me to get back to even discuss it???

There is now a huge drama thread on our guild forums about it and no one is happy about any options people are offering.

I am annoyed that I am not even back a week and I get dumped with issues….yes they were killing bosses and doing really well, but now I find out about all the crap that has happened to get them there and it falls to me to try and explain to everyone or fix the problems….I sometimes wonder why I bother…I really love being a GM, I love being part of the running of the guild I love having control, but when I essentially have no control because I come back to a missmosh of crap…..I just feel al little listless and wanting to do the lovely /gdisband thing and telling them all the fuck off and running away!!  I know I won’t though, I have put too much into this guild to not make it work…..


I am sure my last few posts have added fuel to an already massive =bonfire…will go and check it out…..and then I may decide to NOT read forums ever again 🙂 ehhehe

Are you a selfish guildie?

A few of my guildies and I have been discussing lately the selfishness that appears to be virulent our guild at the moment.

I have always tried to put the guild before my own wants in the game, I expect any guild leaders would do the same. I think about what will make the guild better overall and not about what loot I can get from what place. Yes I know I have BiS gear – but I don’t care if I get it or not first or before everyone else. I don’t care about my GS – it doesn’t say whether I can play or whether I can stand out of the fire, I don’t care about the couple of pixels that boost my spell power by 12 for a few weeks…..none of that will make a difference if we are unable to recruit people to the guild who can play.

Recently it was advised to me, that no one wants to do anything else but ICC, they don’t want to finish Uld (we got to Yogg just as ICC came out), no one wants to finish TOGC (We have Anub left with 43 wipes available), everyone wants to focus on ICC and spend all their time in there and do nothing but it.

Now, I am all for that if you are in a guild that is more progressed than us and has a stellar group of people to work with , they were probably clearing all the content within 2 weeks and so have been farming it ever since and doing hardmodes etc, but we are not that kind of guild. We still have gear upgrades and skills which could be learnt in those older encounters – but apparently not according to a couple of people – who, for your reference, spend all their time in game and so can pug 25 mans whenever they feel like it – therefore no they probably don’t need upgrades.

The rest of us plebs who don’t have as much game time DO need upgrades from TOGC and heroic modes etc, but our needs are invalid.

So I went to my Shadow council and ask their opinion and was told I was in fact being misinformed, that many people do need upgrades from other places.

I should point out that my mates are the type who have changed toons for the guild, have changed specs, for the guild, have picked up two sets of gear to be raid ready and are always offering to be whatever the guild needs – they don’t take gear unless shoved down their throats, they don’t whinge about gear, the don’t whinge about progression (ie which place we go), they are the type of guildies that make it a worthwhile guild.

But why is it all about the gear – killing the next boss in ICC is so much harder if all the people in the guild don’t have the gear from the previous level. All i want is for people to play well and then think of the guild getting upgrades and not themselves.

Cataclysm will either make or break that mentality with the whole guild achievements 🙂 I can’t wait for that – I may actually be able to be part of a guild that is like the majority of us. Good players, who put guild first and have fun with each other.


I was needed to raid again tonight, so i jumped online to help the guys out.

I was notified of a little event that happened the night before about tempers flaring, and was rather surprised to find that some people are getting more and more annoyed with running with the less aware people. I knew it would eventually come to a head, but I was perhaps not expecting the person it came from. Anyway, I decided, wrongly I think, to bring this up with the other GL’s, that perhaps we needed to calm the populace and try and come up with a healthy resolution to the issues.

The response I got was appalling, in my humble opinion. I was told to ignore complaints or information as it was people whinging and exaggerating!! This was of course AFTER the other officers said they had not seen any issues or heard of anything going wrong…because most people like causing public drama apparently….I know when I crack the shits I want the entirety of Azeroth to know about it…I mean seriously!!! Just because it was handled PRIVATELY!!!!! does not mean there are no problems!!

I know this probably doesn’t seem like anything major, but I just couldn’t fathom the conversation, I was speechless for about 25 minutes whilst they all discussed why they had not been told or approached and why they were not involved and me me me me….I was asking for some ways to bmp up the guild morale not be told I was basically lying.

Oh well, such is the way, I know being a GL is worth the effort when I have 50% of my guild being what you want in guildies. They support, they question, they ask, they help, they challenge, but they do it with respect and a little interest in the actual progress of the guild. I think I have learnt a valuable lesson this week.

Lesson: – Just STFU and don’t mention things to the others who are supposed to be helping you.

Bam, right in the kisser

I was given news today that our ex guild, whom we had issues with and left abruptly has just imploded.

This news has given me mixed emotions.

I have no tbeen playing much as hubby and I have sold our house and will be moving in about 5 weeks, so we are spending every moment, not at work, packing and cleaning the house.

I have not even logged into the game for a while, maybe a week and I am suffering withdrawl and jealousy that the guys are raiding and I am stuck getting covered in DUST!! ARGH!!

Anyway this ex guild was made up of a great bunch of people, with perhaps a little too much attitude from the actual leaders of the guild, but overall they were nice. I think they wanted to see content and not be held back, anyway, they went off the deep end, booting everyone out of the guild, transgerring off servers and stealing guild banks etc.

I understand the pressure of running a 25 man guild, but I am not sure they understood that insulting people and calling them names and bad players etc is not necessarily the way to win supporters…

I am glad others in the guild can now see why we left and what made us decide to leave, however us leaving was probably the precurser to a lot of this….they went from having a 25 man raiding team and almost a 10 man team, to barely making raids run at all….and then from the rumours it just went downhill.

I feel bad that we have in some part killed another guild, but am happy that others can see why we didn’t want to put up with it…

I am in cross minds and I may jump online tonight to have  chat with the bois and find out any other gossip i can and perhaps chat to some of the people in the ex guild and rebuild friendships that I have a feeling may be able to be rebuilt now that everyone can see them for what they were….funny funny arsehats 🙂

Next boss down!

Next boss down in ICC!!  Festergut i think it was.  From the sounds of it they spent all night attempting it and kept getting him to under 30%.  So am really impressed they managed to do it!  They were all wondering if they could and I told them all to at least try!

I am very happy they got the boss down, it means that if we have the better DPS in there we will be walking through that fight easily, that would have been another morale booster for people. That is just wonderful!

I didn’t get in to the raid last night as mentioned in the previous post I had to sit out to let this other person in.  I have never seen this wing of ICC and I was really excited to be up to it and I HAD TO FUCKING SIT OUT!!!!!!  I am so angry about it and I am annoyed that I couldn’t sit someone else out, but because of the DPS needed for the fight everyone that was in there had to be in there, and also to be fair to the people that had missed out the night before.  

I am just being petty that my raid spot has been compromised again because of someone who, by all rights, shouldn’t even be in the guild as a raiding member and now I have to come up with a solution to this problem because everyone expects me to.