Week 8 – August

16th March – 22nd March


Please select one of these countries:

August 01: Benin (from France in 1960)
August 01: Switzerland (Alliance against Holy Roman Empire in 1291)
August 05: Burkina Faso (from France in 1960)
August 06: Bolivia (from Spain in 1825)
August 06: Jamaica (from the United Kingdom in 1962)
August 09: Singapore (separation from Malaysia in 1965)
August 10: Ecuador (proclaimed from Spain aug 10 but achieved it in May 1822)
August 11: Chad (from France in 1960)
August 13: Central African Republic (from France in 1960)
August 14: Pakistan (from the UK… in 1947?)
August 15: India (from the UK in 1947)
August 15: South Korea (from Japan in 1945)
August 17: Indonesia (from the Netherlands in 1945)
August 19: Afghanistan (from the UK in 1912)
August 19: Afghanistan (from USSR in 1991)
August 24: Ukraine
August 25: Uruguay (from Brazil in 1825)
August 27: Moldova (from the Soviet Union in 1991)
August 31: Kyrgyzstan (from the USSR in 1991)
August 31: Malaysia (from the UK in 1957)
August 31: Trinidad and Tobago (from the UK in 1962
All the Flags!!

All the Flags!!

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