I had a minor meltdown last night, sucks to be a girl sometimes, anyway – i declined to raid as I just couldn’t handle my own lack of brain power last night, let alone dealing with 9 other people. 

The guild got to Zon’ozz and couldn’t get passed him without me 🙂  Well I like to think it was me.  Only because I bounce the ball and have done since we started learning the fight – being that I have cauterize as a fire mage it helps that I can take a hit 🙂  I would like to try it as frost as well because I have my ice shield.  I tend to do most of the running with maybe one of the healers coming with me, so the damage can get quite high.

So I jumped online for him and Hagara – said basically nothing and just ensured they got through it because I would hate to think that me not raiding prevented them from getting through bosses.  To be honest I am glad I did because our pally tank finally got gloves – something he has been waiting ages for and keeps missing out on.

We are hoping to have the full team on Sunday so perhaps we can actually kill Warmaster this week and move past the block of the attendance boss.  Killing a new boss may give us a chance to recruit some more as well, propel us forward a little. We may even find spine dies quickly – fingers crossed 🙂

Back the raidzone

It was our first night back in and we smashed through the first four bosses like a knife through butter.

We started late by about 20 minutes and I think everyone was a little hyped up. I borked the first boss…I got stuck behind a pillar and then to avoid the black blood I ran into some adds…and well you can guess where that went 🙂 smashed him when we came back though.

Went straight to zonnozz a d we wiped on e due to bad positioning and then I am pretty sure we got him on the next attempt. Considering we spent a month wiping on him; it was a massive upper for the guild!

One shot on the slime lord and then headed to the evil hagara! We had spent two nights on her before the Xmas break so I figured it was going to rough. Thanks to some research into healing through the ice tombs, we only wiped twice, I think, and then we got her. Everyone stayed alive during the tombs and we didn’t lose anyone until right near the end.

Overall though it was an absolutely epic night! I honestly had not expected that success and it was fantastic to see the team work and everything being in sync.

Thursday will be ultraxion….let’s see how we go then hey? Wish us luck!

2/8 in Dragonsoul :)

We decided to leave the horrible ping pong warlord alone last night!  and we killed the Unsleeping slime.  I must remember these names!!  They need to make easy ones like Bob etc 🙂

Anyway, we did the first boss Morchok again, we forgot to stack on our first attempt and death occurred pretty quickly.  Then we did 3 wipes on the Unsleeping and got him on the fourth.  Fairly good attempt I would think.  We actually got him to like 1% on our second attempt and we just for some reason died…not sure.  However we got there.

So sunday we have to go back to ping pong wanker head and we shall see if we can actually do it this time.  Sunday is out longest raid day so I would like to see everyone be able to get onto the last boss or perhaps even the first of the new four…

I am arcane still on my mage and I am not sure I want to be.  I am considering going fire and actually giving myself more then 20 seconds to get used to the new rotations and stuff.  I mean I have been playing arcane since Wrath and that is a long time to have the rotations and skills burned into the mind…amazing I still suck though after all that time….

I read on MMO-Champ somewhere that a mage with a lower level than myself should be doing more then 28k dps or something and I laughed my arse off….I have no idea how you would get that kind of damage….but I can barely crack 20k and thats only if I am really really focused on my rotations.  I always considered myself a decent player – I mean I stay out of the fire and I do what is needed when I should….however that doesn’t seem to counter balance the weight put on the DPS meters.

Blah!  I don’t care we kickd arse on the boss anyway and we worked well together as a team!!  WOOT!

Dragonsoul (DS) and raiding

Of course, being new raid content, I just assumed that people would want to go in and have a look at the new stuff.

I was expecting all the raiders online bying for spots and instead we barely managed to scrape together enough people.

So, we trundled into the instance and after a quick explanation about staying out of the shite on the ground – we did all the trash – a few deaths as I think the damage was a little higher than anticpated which caused the healers some stress 🙂  A few people mentioned the swirly on the ground was a little difficult to see at times but not such an issue anyway 🙂

We get to Morchak and I give a quick overview and off we go – one shot. He was not difficult at all. I was quite proud of everyone with their communication. Stats aren’t uploaded yet so i can’t go over them as yet.  I didn’t even tape it!!!!  I just forgot completely about videoing 😦

I made a bad decision last night, to go to the ping pong boss – I honestly thought we could have done him.  I am now thinking the slime boss may have been better.

Anyway, we really struggled on the ping pong dude – err…ZonnnoZz or something similar…(reminder – learn bosses names before posting). Boss facing the wrong way, ball going off everywhere but where the wanted it to go, tanks dying, dps dying, healers getting blown up etc etc it was all just nastiness.

Towards the end we were getting the hang of it, but in 10 man (not sure if 25 is different) the ball needs to be close to a group of people when someone gets eaten as it does 180000 damage over nearby people….that was causing us issues…how to get people close to the ball but close enough together without the wrong person getting hit – there really are only a few of us in a 10 man you know.  I am not sure how close they need to be to the ball handler.  It is definitely something we need to get sorted tonight as it the mechanic of the entire fight.

I wasn’t able to explain the fight properly either – I was having one of those nights where I would have been speaking better english if I was using pidgeon(sp?) english….I just couldn’t get the explanations out.

Overall though it was out first night and people I am sure were nervous and confused but we did well to get the first one down.  We will get more done tonight I am sure 🙂

As a side note, I did also get my druid to 77 a couple of days ago; I will be much happier once she is 80 so I can start the cata quests on her!