Week 6 – June

2nd March  – 8th March


Please pick one of these countries:
June 01: Samoa
June 03: Niger (from France in 1960)
June 04: Tonga (was never a colony but Late King’s BD was July 4)
June 06: Sweden (founded on June 6, 1523)
June 12: Philippines (proclaimed in 1898)
June 12: Russia
June 17: Iceland (from the Kingdom of Denmark in 1944)
June 25: Croatia (from Yugoslavia in 1991)
June 25: Mozambique (from Portugal in 1975)
June 26: Madagascar (from France in 1960)
June 27: Djibouti (from France in 1977)
June 29: Seychelles (from the UK in 1976)
June 30: Democratic Republic of the Congo (from Belgium in 1960)
All the Flags!!

All the Flags!!

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