55 reputations and Jurassic park!

I cannot believe I managed to get to 55 exalted reps! The black prince got me over the line!!


I am still miles away for any of the others I am trying to get to exalted, now I just need to start collecting some valor points. I only need another 2000 of them! Everything is a slow build in this game 🙂

I also found out, finally, what Jurassic park was. I have seen so many people talk about dinosaurs and the park I was starting to get really annoyed by not having any bleeping idea what anyone was talking about. I finally found it and died a few times roaming it, but was pretty excited to finally see it? White raptor….I am coming for you now!

We were supposed to go to a flexi raid tonight but it didn’t happen but hopefully I will get to do one this weekend if time is permitting! Blizzard should offer a cheap option for moving multiple toons as it is so expensive, we are being really careful about our decisions. I am itching to raid again though….really itching!

I am also on the hunt for a podcast to listen to, nothing wrong with the multitude out there, but they are mostly US based which makes it hard for me to want to get involved. I can’t go to live shows or get involved because of time zones and I wish there were some oceanic podcasts, so far I have only found bind on equip, and I really struggled to get through the last episode of that. Anyone else have some thoughts, I have some leads from my question on twitter so I have to download some and give them a go.

Sorry for the mixed post there, but I felt I needed to share it 🙂

My warrior makes the cut!

My baby warrior is finally 90!

I have very special feelings for both my mage and my Warrior as they are the same toons I have had since Vanilla, they have gone through moves, changes and factions with me and are the only two characters I have had since then.  My priest was created in BC, and she is the next oldest toon I have.

My warrior started out as a my wait toon, back in the day before btags, when you had to be on a toon that people could see you on to get credit for DKP.  I never really leveled her all that much, I more sat around in the main cities chatting to the guildies that were waiting with me, but I could never let her languish because of that connection I forged with her.

Warrior 90

So she makes the 4th toon to 90 that I have and is now mostly decked out in Timless isle gear already, I had three pieces which I took off my pally (shoulders, legs and boots) and whilst opening chests I found braces, gloves, chest, trinket, helm and ring…not too bad for a about 40 minutes of death…yes I was getting my butt handed to me by all the rares 🙂  I only mention the gear because I found this achievement quite funny when I got rid of one of my rings :


That is for superior items with a minimum of 333 in all slots…That’s where I was at gear wise trying to kill mobs on the Timeless Isles…just think about that for a moment….333!!  Crazy…that is me 🙂

I also laughed when I got this achievement when I landed…Clearly I have no idea how I managed to actually get to 90 doing so few quests??  I must have done dungeons for one levelling period or something??  No idea…


Comparatively my mage has done 7946 quests according to the statitics tab 🙂  I love it!

So deciding what toon to level next?  Shammy who is already 85 or hunter or priest…soo undecided….

Shared topic: solo or grouping

Stringtheory asked this question of the shared topics:

“While there are some quests that specifically call for grouping, most don’t… but do you group anyway? How many of you pick up a friend or guildie to quest with and how many grind the lonely roads alone?

I have a draft post in queue on the difference between solo questing, dual-box questing, and party questing and thought it might be a fun topic to share.”

I am a little all over the place with this one in all honesty 🙂

I like leveling alone – I can’t help wanting to keep all the xp for myself! when wrath came out me, hubby and best mate grouped up and quested our way through together to help the best mate get leveled, we found out though, through leveling the next toons that it was probably the harder way of doing it 🙂 but it was fun at the time.

I don’t mind questing with other people though if it is needed or someone beds help etc, but I like just being able to do things in any order I want to and just having the ability to get lost in the woods and go off on tangents etc. I like exploring and gathering – not easy when others are with you.

I am so glad they got rid of the group quests that were everywhere, the ones were you needed a full group to defeat a quest chain in an area. Not because I didn’t enjoy spamming the local area looking for people, but because by the time you are on your second or ninth toon you tend to find less and less people in an area to help. I remember on my pally I had about 10 group quests in icc left in my log simply because no one was around when I was 🙂 The phasing also didn’t help that situation.

However, hubby and I do all of our dailies together. It means our dailies for both molten front and deepholm take us just under 30 minutes in total to get done. Whilst one of us is killing the other does the other bits and pieces required – I don’t like doing dailies without him now!! Who doesn’t like getting their dailies done in half the time??

Guess who is back indefinitely…..??

Yup, pulled out the windows machine, re-installed Windows and then downloaded 10GB of WoW.

I jumped into the game and felt completely overwhelmed with the new things.  I basically made it to 85 then stopped playing, so I haven’t really gotten used to all the new things and certainly not the new designs of Org.  Hubby logged in and moved his toon back alliance and then to another server as well.  I am going to wait and see if our time lasts before we get bored again and take another break.

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