Loot drama and not enough people again

I know – everyone is saying it – we are apparently getting to the end of an expansion…I say apparently as I don’t have a release date for MoP yet – do you??!@?!  And if it is released in November – is that close?  Nope, is that end worthy?!!?  I don’t think so.


Why is it so hard for 10 people to be online at the same time so we can raid?!

This post is a little ranty – feel free to skip over it 🙂

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Enter Firelands

Once again, we were short people, so we decided to trundle off to Firelands with 9 people.  We are still yet to get Rags down, so this is going to be the lock out we save to continue working on him.

I forced everyone to stay on mains because the last time we went into FL with alts we spent all night wiping on Shannox…which I was not prepared to do again.

We managed to one shot everything up to Alyzrazor.  We wiped on her thanks to the swirly vortex’s of death and a few people hadn’t seen the fight before.

It was actually rather enjoyable to know that we could still do the fights properly, obviously the gear improvements are a great help, but our co-ordination was quite good with people doing what they should when they should.  I fact, we did some fights better techincally, then we ever did them whilst it was current content.

My fingers are crossed for Thursday that we have enough because I want to get DS completed before MoP is announced otherwise we have no hope and we may just need to join random PUGS on the server.

What is beginning to get under my skin, is sites posting that everyone has finished DS, is bored with is, is farming it etc – and I know we certainly haven’t!! I wish they would just shut up and stop making it sound as if the people still struggling through are just “meh”.

We are part of those raiding figures and although Blizz is doing it’s best to nerf the content when they can, it doesn’t help with a lack of numbers to actually do raids.

Sorry tangent there; but it has been irking me since about 3 weeks ago when suddenly 70% of the posts/sites/forums I read said people were bored with DS because they have had it on farm for so long already…. 😦  Come and join us then for a couple of weeks and help us get through it!!  LOL

8 manning DS..again

Eventful night, really surprised we even got a raid going.  One of our healers was ill and not really up to it, so she was dpsing, we recruited another healer and then we only had 8 online…

We wiped once on Morchok to sudden tank death, then we wiped once on Yorsaj due to my bad call out. 

We didn’t start until about 8pm either, and we called it at 9.10pm as we could not do Zonozz with only 8..too much damage for our healers to handle.

We did get another DPS in for Yorsaj, on the second attempt as well.

It is so frustrating!!!!!  We could have cleared up to warmaster last night had everyone been online and ontime, anyway, such is life at the moment.

My mind has been very much toying with the idea that for MoP I want to be in/part of a guild who will be seeing content.  I don’t necesarily want extreme hardmodes, but it would be nice to be in a guild with people who want to push themselves just that little bit more to be better and kill bosses faster. 

It also doesn’t help that I copped a tirade from someone who is supposed to be a real life friend again – and I don’t want a game to be the thing that ruins our friendship – I understand everyone has faults and I make no mistakes in my mind about the kind of person they are, but I am not going to take that kind of crap from them in game as well as IRL when I had no decision on the matter they were pissed about – they shoudl have taken it up with the GL.

Ahh people, they make life so much more disturbing some times!  LOL


Oh what a night!

I am reminded that I did not post about our raid on Sunday….omg…it was well worth a mention to 🙂

We have lost a healer and a tank somewhere to the maelstrom.  So we need to recruit – anyway with only 9 available raiders online we decide to at least start DS – we 9 manned Morchok and 2 healed him. 

We then trundle off to Warlord – 9 manning does not work with 2 healing simply because of the ball debuff.  4 people cannot handle the damage in our raid group.  So we switched a DPS to a healer which makes it slightly more manageable. Slightly!

Another DPS turns up online, YAY – so we grab them in and set off again for an attempt, which we balls up (excuse the pun) and then one of our other DPS dc’s…..so we wait around a few minutes.  With the thunderstorms and rain in Australia at the moment we figure he will be back….after 15 minutes we decide that he is not going to be returning….

I then decide to come up with a crazy crazy idea to just bring in one of the level 85’s in the guild to just be a soaker as our dps is good enough to kill the boss, but not our stamina…we could 9 man the rest of this wing.

So that’s what we did.  Poor druid!  he did very well for hardly any explanation of the fight and told to just stay on the marked toon and run like mad when advised. 

We did 9 man Skittles boss before we got the druid in, and we almost did better than when we have a full raid team 😀

So now, we have to recruit more people again.  Just two people, one healer and one dps…someone who doesn’t mind wiping or doesn’t mind just having a laugh and isn’t progression focused….that last bit is the killer….

All in all we had a good raid night I think – I mean, 9 manning 2 bosses 🙂  Sweet!!  and 9.5 manning the other 2 was awesome 🙂