Old schooling :)

Last night the guild decided to do some Firelands, yes I admit I am being slightly selfish there by wanting to get embers.  I am now up to 9 of the little blighters – I am beginning to think I really need to find a Firelands group running 25 man via some of those Xrealm sites.  I want my legendary!

Anyway we managed to get up to Alyzrazor, we wiped on her though.  It is a tough fight for people seeing it the first time, and I was conscious of the time for the people that needed to leave.  We had a couple of Frosties come with us and kept a spot for another one who eventually appeared like magic 🙂  It was a fantastic run and even found out about someone who lives nearby, I like meeting people who live close to me given we are in regional Victoria.

We wiped on Lord Volcanowankerhead twice, the first time at 2%, the DK tank getting him 4% all by himself.  My bad judgement on that one I forgot which one of the DK’s was tanking and called the wrong thing. I felt so ashamed.  The next attempt went awfully bad, then the third one was cake walk, although a little unsteady at the start.  I really really really cannot stress how much I hate that fight.  We wiped on Baleroc once, which given a few hadn’t seen it we lasted quite while, we got him to below 20% pretty sure with about 4 of us dead.  Then it all went weird because certain people who shall remain nameless wanted the boss to be tanked on the side!!  THE SIDE?!!?!?  OMG, I couldn’t cope with it, I felt wrong the entire fight, never mind we were on the wrong side of the field anyway, we were on the left and should have been on the right!!  ARGHH!!!!!

I can’t handle change when I know stuff works a particular way, it messes my head up, not just ingame either, when hubby is driving and goes an alternate route it screws me up and I get all freaked out about it.  He mocks me of course, but, seriously I know I am a control freak, just don’t mess with my shizz!!!  ehehehh

We went off to Malygos after that as hubby only needed that one boss on his Shammy for the title, and we managed to get the 6 minutes and under achievement as well.

The night before we went to Ulduar 25 with the Frosties and Arvash as well.  I went on my boomy as she had never seen the place and OMG it was so much fun.  I sucked all night, I am so out of practice on my girl, but we were smashing through everything.  She got achievements on every single boss 🙂

Freya’s room had me wanting to spend hours in there, so many herbs I wanted to pick!!!  I HAVE TO GO BACK!!!

My beautiful girl, even saw Algalon!!!  ALGALON!!  Can I just say that is a horible fight…maybe it is just me and I am blind as a bat, but I can barely see the red circles to get out of them.  I know hubby was happy to see that fight, as he had never seen it before.  I do wonder how hard it would be to do that Herald of the Titans thing…I am tempted to find a group – but I need a toon first that I can even do it on.  My hunter is the closest to 70.

It was pretty cool though, I would have stayed for the Razormaw achievements, but I was falling asleep as it was, and I hope they did it!!  Grats to them if they did 🙂

I am having so much fun now doing old content!!

Birthdays and Firelands

Last night was the 4th birthday of the guild. About 50% of the current raiding base are from the original guild that me, hubby and our best friend set up (or people that joined over 3 years ago).  I know I am no longer GM, but I do have a soft spot for a lot of people in the guild.  We have been raiding together since BC.  That’s a long time 😀

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o.O Pally tanking

I tanked Firelands on my pally!!  We got the first four bosses down – Beth, Shan, Ryo and Bale.  We could have gotten more done, but we ran out of time as we wiped a couple of times on a few simply because we had a weird mix of people on.

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Rags…makes me feel like PMT!




I cannot even comprehend this fight much less actually fight!

We spent about 1.5 hours tonight dipping our toes in. Consistently getting to the sons transition, but making it no further….

That is a brutal mechanic….I know; logically, it is possible – I just don’t think it is possible…..lol

All in all we are happy with our progress on him given the lack of time we had. Silly things people died to a few times – to be expected on our first night seeing him I think.

Raid lockout extended so we can work on him all week 🙂


I know I have been MIA, I have been playing heaps, and the guild is now 6 in firelands…we got staghelm down on our fourth attempt….kick arse.

I just haven’t got time to blog at the moment and I feel awful about it as I am not getting to keep a record of everything.

My Druid is now level 75….which I could get to play her more! I have started to level my warrior as well, he is now 81….

I travel 4-5 hours to and from work each day; it just means I am wrecked by the time I actually get home… 😦

I am around though and I will try and find some blog time!

Mages, druids and everything in between…

I have completely changed my mage to be full fire spec..I figured I may as well give it a shot – worst case I just have to reforge and gem again if I fail.  I am very hit and miss with it at the moment, I would like to see what it is like in a full raid situation as opposed to heroics – which are very hard to judge anyway.

I have played with the dummies but fire is so crit dependant – I will kick arse for a few moments, then next time it will be lack lustre….I need to up my crit a little more…I am aiming for at least 15% haste – or as close to as possible…..I am currently at 13% so I am not unhappy with that.  I do however need to get some more Zandalari’s done so I can collect my tier 12 pieces – i just really dislike them 😀

My druid is finally level 70!!  YAY!  SO I have a shammy and a druid at level 70 now…..I will keep levelling my druid since I am on a roll with her 😀  My dps is terrible on her in heroics…I went into UK before and most were doing 1500 roughly…I was only cracking 1k when I was AOEing….my rotation is fine, so I can only figure it is my gear….which given what I am wearing I would not be surprised at all!!! Now that I am 70 though I will look at some LW patterns and see if there is anything that will last me a few levels…

So some other exciting info today….


Years ago, we (being the three GM’s for our old guild) used to wonder why Blizzard didn’t have these guild services already available.  Now they do!!  Not sure why I am excited about it – I don’t have a guild and no intention of doing one again (at the moment) but I think it is pretty sweet that you won’t lose your guild and all the hard work that is put into one. Also kind of cool that you can rename it as well 😀

I guess my thoughts can change though because I signed up for the annual pass thing and there is a new xpac coming out…it’s a tempting thought to entertain….*innocent face*

I am also potentially going to be raid leading for the guild – however I am not entirely sure what my jurisdiction is or what the expectations of the guild are.  So I have to try and catch my GM for 20 minutes so I can discuss it with him and then work out what the guild wants…hopefully we can all find middle ground…somewhere…..he has basically told me to do it, but I don’t want to if I am not going to be able to push certain things like alts and under geared toons vs seeing content and having fun…..but we shall see….watch this space I guess.

So to end on a high note, here is a video of our Beth kill. This was the guild first kill, which was pretty exciting.  I also have the first kills of Baleroc and Lord Ry..which I am uploading tonight and tomorrow 🙂

Complete pandemonium

What a fight!!!!

Can I just start with my amazement with how fast 3 minutes goes when you are flying around like an insane superman trying to locate floating circles of awesome?!?!?

The trash before the actual fight is killer! Took us 3 wipes before we got it…nasty! Got it sorted out eventually and then I accidentally clicked the feather and started the fight so I take full responsibility for the first wipe!! :/

In the end we got through one cycle of the fight on each attempt we had last night, however by the 4th phase we had 1-2? people alive…

I think the fight is certainly doable and once we have a bit more practice it will make a little more sense. We didn’t expect to get as far as we did, consistently getting boss under 85%, our lowest was 81%….

Not sure if we plan to extend lockout this week or start from scratch again, but I can’t wait to sink my teeth into aly again.

Definitely 4/7

We have managed to maintain 4/7 in firelands. Last night we got Beth and baleroc done with a wipe on each; given we had a few people in the raid that hadn’t seen baleroc, it was quite good.

I changed to fire for the Beth fight and well I sucked for phase 2. I thought fire might be better for the little spiderlings and I think it was, however I just don’t have enough haste for the second phase, so I am going to go through my gear and see what I can use to make a second gear set with a focus on haste and crit. I just felt I was letting the team down a little being so low on dps….having said that I am not entirely sure what my dps was on phase 2 specifically as I only had overall dps displaying on my mod….must check logs when they are uploaded.

Tonight we are going for alyz, will have to read some strats today at lunch if I can and see if I can figure it all out 🙂

I was watching the open raid at blizzcon and the rest of the fights look pretty awesome actually, I think they will be a lot of fun and intense! Here’s hoping we get cracking on it. I really would like to be attempting deathwing when he comes out 🙂

On farm?

Our second one shot of shannox tonight 🙂 compared to the complete mess we made of the trash it was awesome!

We had a few wipes on lord volcanohead, just not enough communication tonight which made the steering hard….we did get there in the end; however it has highlighted that a fair few people get tunnel vision during fights! We had approx 50% in the raid that hadn’t done the fight before either, so there was a little learning required.

All in all we managed. The plan is to head back in on Sunday and do bale and Beth again….fingers crossed 🙂

I might even give fire a shot on Sunday if I can wrangle a few bits of gear 🙂


Beth finally died!!! It wasn’t perfect but we did it 🙂 wipe wipe wipe….always in phase 2 and always close to or under 50%….

It will be a few more attempts before we are on farm for that one but we have at least done it now.

2/7 now 🙂 hopefully this will be an upper for the guild!


We went into Firelands again and headed to Beth for what we knew would be a fun night of wiping on a boss that we didn’t really think we had hope of getting down any time within this century and you know, aren’t surprises the best?!?!

The first attempt we went in and got her to just under 50%…phase 2 and all.

Ot just got better from there, we kept getting her to phase 2 consistently and in the end we just kept falling short of the mark.  the best for the night was 13%.  Nothing to sniff at when last week, we could not even last 10 seconds without someone dying.

Everyone was communicating and talking- making sure we were all aware of what was going on, helping out and essentially working as a team.  It was Superb to see.  We are likely to head in again on Sunday night given how close we were, so I just hope like hell everyone brings their game again – as we may actually have her in the next raid night.

There are just 2 or three kinks to work out, but essentially, it is an easy fight if everyone does what they are supposed to and actually communicates with each other 😀

3 Cheers once we get her down and you can be sure of a video for that 😀  Speaking of which, I need to do a Shannax vid – but the one I have I missed the first few seconds of the fight and since then, I keep forgetting to tape it…next week for sure!


So tonight, we decided to try out Beth in Firelands…can I just say…no freaking way….no way!! NOOOOO WAY!!!!

I think I want to never play WoW again after that fight and I am dreading to think what the rest of the boss fights are like….

I have been told by many people currently in FL and doing it heroically…that is very unforgiving – that you cannot have one person make an error as it is all over. I sort of believed them but not really. I now know otherwise and I have little faith we will ever see Ragnaros killed – or even reached.

We have some very unaware people in our guild and tonight was just heart wrenching. I will be fair though and say it is our first night on the boss and we were learning etc – we can only improve from here right? I can only hope so…..

Tank was not up the web first, healers were not fast enough on the chains, people couldn’t find the hole to jump back down, blah blahblah…it was just an immense screw up 🙂

I have also discovered I hate the assist function of pets. I changed to frost for the extra nova and slows for the mini spiders, and my pet doesn’t follow me around, so I couldn’t use it’s nova effect – I kept having to change it to passive then assist again, so he would come close enough to me….what a cock up that is….

All in all, I think Firelands is going to be an immense challenge and I really hope we can rise to meet it….