9 manning DS

We seem to be either 8 or 9 manning content at the moment, and I am not entirely thrilled about it. Don’t get me wrong the fact that we can 9 man content with a DPS slot empty is somewhat nice to know, but it just puts a strain on the team.

Tonight we did Zonozz and Hagara then had two really good attempts at Ultraxion.  Ultraxion was sooooo close.  I mean 20 seconds left and under 20% health – I blame being fire for that.  I had crap RNG tonight – all night. It felt like I had barely any pyre’s.

We have been trying to recruit and with absolutely no success.  It is like people either don’t want to raid or it has to be hardcore raiding.  We are not a hardcore guild, we don’t care if we never see hard modes, but we do like raiding and doing normal mode.  In all honesty we were so close to killing warmaster before the Nerfbat (we were getting him to under 5%), so had we not been suffering since then with attendance, we would be certainly onto killing DW – Madness I think.

It is so frustrating to be in the position where we can’t find 3 other people who do not want hard modes – is that all there is now?  Is the game really that easy/ Do we suck that much?  I have no idea, and to be honest I don’t really know because it isn’t like we can see who else is struggling for numbers.  Perhaps an alliance can be sought – for raiding – to merge teams to actually have the numbers….

I guess what annoys me as well, is I am making the effort of trying to put posts up and recruit people, but I am not the GL of the guild and I am not even an officer – nor do I want to be.  I shouldn’t be the one focusing on getting the people into the guild – it should be the GL and his officers – but you know…they say they don’t have time – yet they spend a far chunk in heroics and in LFR on various toons instead of joining server pugs and trying to talk to other guilds about their situation.  Perhaps I am being unrealistic – but….it is annoying me today.

The problem is, the guild is really good – the people….if you are playing for friends and community  – our guild is awesome.  The people in the current raid team, bar 2 have been together since kara – when I recruited them.  We are friends and we know about each other’s lives.  We play SWTOR with some of them as well.  They are a great bunch of people who would help out anyone if needed.  We all have alts with Max professions we share that around for no costs – we give what we can to each other to help out and we do our darndest to ensure everyone is having a good time.  We cannot be the only 8 people in the game that are like this?  Surely there are more somewhere?


I think my flu combined with the fever I have is making me delirious and angry.  LOL

Improvement is in the eye of the beholder!

Ultraxion trash….just thinking of it brings tears to my eyes. I didn’t mind the old trash, I swear it was fine!!

This new style has the guild bested. I suspect the tanks inability to actually hit the mobs makes it harder than it needs to be; but I kid you not, tonight was the first time we have actually gotten past it after less than an entire night wiping first.

The rub being it resets Tuesday night and we have to do it all again 😦 Are any other guilds finding this trash is actually easier; and are your tanks having trouble hitting the dragons?

However aside from all that – I TANKED ULTRAXION – yes yes 🙂 and not in LFR either 🙂 I was a little excited about it 🙂

I also did a couple of heroics on my Druid and….I can now do LFR 🙂 I will possibly get booted for crap dps, but I can certainly have fun trying. I really enjoy playing boomy – almost as much as I enjoy my mage. That’s a bold statement if I say so myself!!!

Too much excitement for one obsessed person to handle 🙂

5/8 – Ultrax down

It was a tough night!  but in the end we got him down.

We were getting him to 2% consistently, we just didn’t have quite enough dps.  We were two healing and we decided to have the normal third healer dosing…which means the gear was not quite there and it was a little tougher, however after a short break and some gear upgrades, enchants etc, we smacked him down.

It was still really close, and hopefully next week if people get a couple more upgrades, we will find that just a tad easier again.  It’s a cool fight.

I took crit food, pre potted, crit potion – everything i could think of to get my chances of pyro up and in the end i think it paid of. My dps as the fight ended was 27k..shame i can’t hit that consistently…

Anyway, onto the boat now and that will be tomorrow night’s raids and we shall see how we do.

Playtime on Ultrax

We went and had a play on Ultrax tonight and it will be interesting to see how the logs come out.  I am not impressed with my DPS as fire – although it can be quite good, the honest truth is that it sucks if the RNG gods are against you.  Tonight I was floating between 18 – 26k dps on attempts and that makes fights like Ultrax a real problem, especially since I seem incapable of getting those awesomely huge numbers that other mages seem to get…

Anyway, was really impressed, the first 5 attempts we had issues just learning the fight and figuring out the fading light debuff, but overall wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  We were getting him to about 50 % at the midway to enrage point, so we are almost there for DPS..another couple of upgrades for people and we will be very close.  I don’t really know what else we can do other than run FL for some attempted Rags kills, as most of us cannot actually upgrade any gear in FL now thanks to VP and LFR.  But I know I can upgrade a few more things with VP’s…so all in all I think we will have him very very soon and then we should be fine for the rest of it….Fingers crossed 🙂

I am not playing SWTOR as much…I did something stupid – I deleted my main toon…yes I know I used to mock those people as well, but seriously – in WoW your characters stay in the same order on the log in screen…in SWTOr – they move the most recently played to the top…since i had only been playing the one toon I didn’t even notice that until I went to select it to delete it….I selected the position where it has always been and typed away.  My toons looked exactly the same as well as I had created her to be a bank toon and so didn’t really care what she looked like.  Anyway they have not responded to my 3 in game tickets in a week and so i started re-levelling the same toon and basically I am sort of over the game….not that it is boring or anything but…it is just not holding my interest at the moment.

I am feeling a little wow deprived as well and so it has been nice to just be back in WoW doing my think and having some fun.

So hopefully tomorrow night we will have a better idea of the Ultrax fight.