Week 12 – Dec

13th April – 19th April


Please pick one of these countries:
December 01: Portugal (from Spain in 1640)
December 02: United Arab Emirates (from the UK in 1971)
December 06: Finland (from Russia ind 1917)
December 07: Cote d’Ivoire / Ivory Coast (from Franc in 1960)
December 09: Tanzania (from the UK in 1961)
December 11: South Africa (from the UK in 1931)
December 12: Kenya (from the UK in 1963)
December 16: Bahrain (from the UK in 1971)
December 16: Kazakhstan (from the Soviet Union in 1991)
December 18: Qatar (power assumed in 1878)
December 24: Libya (from Italy… no longer celebrated)
December 26 and June 25: Slovenia (see notes)
All the Flags!!

All the Flags!!

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