Is there anybody out there?

So much for me not coming back….I would say 12 months is a fairly solid time frame for not playing though 🙂

I am back and debating if I want to start blogging again, by me posting this, I am pretty sure you know my answer on that front.

We picked up the sub again on 30/11/013.

I am excited!

Shared Topic: Rename WoW

Frinka asked a very simple, yet hard question this week for the shared topic on Blog Azeroth.

Knowing what you know now about the game, what name other than World of Warcraft would you give it? Why?

It sounds simple really, but coming up with a catchy name is harder than I thought it would be.

Some of mine are not really language safe – as is my way, so I have shoved it behind a cut to shield potential bad words 🙂

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Shared Topic: WoW on your resume.

Logtar posted thread on Blog Azeroth a little while ago, that would have made a great Shared topic, so this is it 😀

I think time have changed a lot, but not quite enough that someone will put (Raid Lead – WoW Blog Writer) into a resume… or maybe some have?

Would you?

I recently had an exchange with a player in a similar profession to mine get very defensive when mixing just the google+ world with the WoW world. I am not a point that I would list my hobbie on my resume (I don’t post any of my hoobies for that matter) but I have no problem associating my online personal with my WoW playing/bloggin either.

I am probably not the best person when it comes to the wrong or right of resumes…I have been trying to find a job for over 12 months with no luck, so I can only assume my resume is a little bit of a let down.
However, I do have my guild/raid leader experience disguised on my resume as a volunteer job for a religious organisation.  I have done volunteer work for a few small organisations and support groups that are no longer active as well, so it isn’t out of place and is mixed in.
Although I haven’t put “WoW GM” on my actual resume – I do have things like recruiting, marketing, dealing with difficult personalities, rostering etc as a part of my resume somewhere.  They are skills I learnt being a GM/RL, they are developed daily in the game and they are things that will benefit me in any position I end up holding.
I wouldn’t put it down as an actual job simply because so many people are still pc dumb that I can’t even talk geek with people I know.  The people I used to work with barely knew how to turn a pc on, let alone about gaming, they were more the “go out, get drunk, get laid and pass out” kind of people.  The people I work with now don’t know how to search in google..well…barely….I am sure not every workplace is like that and perhaps Australia is behind with technology in relation to people, but I think there is still too much of a stigma around gamers in this country.
Are you game enough to do it…no pun intended :p  ??

Sunday Share: WoWjuju

I have been visiting WoWjuju since I can remember – it is my lifeline to all things reputation.

I would be devastated if this site ever goes offline or disappears.  There is a handy little button on the side that says “reputation calculator” and OMG – You are a genius for this!  You do the usual character look up and then select which faction you want to know about.

The information there is amazing.  Quests, hand ins, loots, who to see, where to go, want to to do…”Do you want fries with that?”.  I am an achievement chaser as most of you know and this site makes it more bearable to chase reputations.

They have great news updates as well and all the other things you expect on a wow site, but the reputation calculator is my love and I visit that site at least weekly, more if I am actively chasing a reputation.

If you are into reputations gains and getting more achievements – make sure you drop past.  It is well worth the time and you will not regret it!


Sunday Share: Guildox

My hubby pointed out this site to me the other day – Guildox – as one that he uses religiously and I have now jumped on the bandwagon.

there are plenty of sites out there that deal with BiS pieces, and I have used so many different ones, but I think Guildox has the easiest interface and user friendliness of them all.

When you head to guildox, make sure to click on loot rank at the top, then select your class and spec on the right hand side in the yellow box.

I set all my filters to remove heroic raids and pvp stuff and then voila – a clear concise list of what gear I need to get, enchants, reforging and gems all in the one place.

Whilst raiding this is handy as I can just keep it open and flick through the slots as gear drops and determine their relevance for me without wasting too much time. Especially since, I can if needed, steal loot from spirit wearers – I want to ensure it is worth it 😀

Check it out anyway!!

Day 9: First Blog post

I wasn’t sure if this was meant to be first ever blog post or first blog post on this blog…so I am giving you both 😀  Just as dull and exciting as the other….

Personal Blog

WoW Blog

They are very short posts and pretty short…to be honest – I can’t remember if I was blogging about WoW prior to the link above other than in my personal blog…I may have to go and find out actually 🙂