Shared Topic: Always want what you can’t have.

This week’s Shared topic was something I suggested because of the growing list of cool things in the game I want, but can’t have.

Initially, I have to blame my hunter for not being able to tame anything I wanted.

Let me explain 🙂

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Another day…

So last night after jumping out of the game, i downloaded RAWR and read some wow insider and generally tried to catch up on all the changes.

I am completely overwhelmed.  Not that much has changed but there is so much I need to get done, so many reps I need to get to exalted with, so many heroics I need to run – I still haven’t run more than I think 2….so much i need to learn about the new enchants, gems and professions….

I am currently working on a uni assignment and I jumped into wow for about an hour to have a break…updating my blog has been my next break and I will make lunch in a second then get back into my assignment for another couple of hours before I jump back into WoW – it can be my reward.  I am going to head to Vash’j as I haven’t done any quests there on my mage…I think I did them on my pally…I can’t quite remember…that will also get me a mount.

I want to change my spec as well, I know frost os great for trapping etc, but i spend so long killing mob it is annoying me, so I may change to arcane just for the extra bomb factor 😀

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