Spine of death (wing)

I haven’t left my guild yet, I have been so busy with work and real life that I can’t get a spare moment to check out guilds.

I am still tanking for the guild and I need to fix my gems, I started to before raid, but I ran out of time. I need to boost my avoidance as I am not at the 102 I need to be, and I think that is only going to cause issues. I reformed before raid and got another 3% but I am still only at 79%.

We have not re-clearing this week as I am sick of us re-clearing then never actually getting to the progression fights. So we have been on spine all week and tonight we actually made progress. We were getting to the last amalgamation having about 4% hp before the last tendon could pop, and we would get overrun with bloods. It was painful!

I reckon we may have his number tomorrow night!

Tanking,raiding and wiping; Oh MY!

So, one of our best geared players has decided to no longer raid due to loot issues. This person just happened to be our MT.

I had hoped the GM would talk to him and perhaps convince him to come back, but that doesn’t seem to be the case, so last night I was advised I was going to be tanking. I have spoken a few times about changing my main to my tank, however I didn’t really want to do it this late in an expansion when my gear is sorely lacking behind the others.

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Spine of death wing…. Oh yeah

No, we didn’t defeat spine, but we almost got to the third tendon!

We didn’t get the tendons first time round, we missed the first one by about 3 seconds, and the second one was miles away from it, essentially we did the tendon fight 4 times though, and just before the last tendon we got overrun with bloods. I was about to call out for DPS on the bloods and as I was pushing the button to say it, most of us dropped dead.

I think we had about 5 attempts on spine tonight which was fantastic given this was our second night ever on spine.

My concern tonight was that we wouldn’t get through Warmaster Blackhorn, the last few times we have seen him again, it has been horrific. Tonight though, we wiped a few times, then all of a sudden everyone was on their game and boom!

Hopefully we will have enough on tomorrow night so we can spend the night on it. I think we may be pretty close! Fingers are tightly crossed!