Level 70 Priesticle!


Well she is 72 now, but I thought I should post her progress 🙂

I am a fail priest!  I do not really get the Shadow priest play style. My husband is devastated i am finding it so hard given he plays one very well.

He has been trying to teach me, and I am picking it up slowly.  It is hard to tell how well i am actually doing because my gear is so bad. I handed in some quests last night and the ilevel was bout 100 points different.  I did see a boost in DPS with just 3 pieces replaced.

Since we haven’t played our horde toons in a while I had to find another toon to level and that ended up being my priest. I would like to get my shammy finished since she is soooo close to 85!

Anyway I am having fun and that is the main thing.  I wonder how many toons I can get to 85 by the time MoP comes out. The way I am going I will have my priest, shammy and hunter done.  Then to consider the elusive lock, rogue and DK…not really sure I can level any of them to 85…heheh