Dragons everywhere!!! OH GOD!!

So first couple of days in Pandaria and I have over 40 screenies with dragons in them.  Just dragons – everywhere!!   I can’t help myself,  I would say I am spending almost as much time taking pictures of dragons as I am actually questing! (possible exaggeration)!

I am just amazed at how wonderful the artwork is!

I was tempted NOT to hand in the quest in which you have to collect the 4 little dragons, just so I could have them wth me all the time, but I figured they wouldn’t last out of the area or even if I logged out…I didn’t want to tempt fate…but  I loved having four of them trailing around!!

This is also being added to my headers because it is pure win!

Here are some more that I got to ride on or past or around!

Seriously, I will stop here, I know it is only 4, but I would bore you all to death with just more dragons!  LOL

I am in heaven!!  DRAGON HEAVEN  TELL YOU!!