The one that started it all meme

Cymre over at Bubble of Mischief decided to start their own meme…I am throwing into this one as well 🙂

I might tag a few others and see if we can get some old school shots 🙂  Like Cymre, I have been playing for a long enough time that I have switched PC’s about 6 times…so trolling through my images folder I went looking for the oldest one I could find.

21st August 2005 – Oh yeah, that’s old…

Lvl 37 red spider!!

So I would have been, what…34 approx?  I remember this so well, I had a quest to go to Tabitha’s hit…yeah…for all you old people out there, you will know there was no marker for her…just a love heart shaped island to head for…However Dustwallow was too high for me, so a guildie came to help me out….Funnily enough, this is still my main toon!

It took us about 15 minutes to get there, because I swear – everything in Dustwallow tried to eat me 🙂  It was THE funniest run to a quest giver I have ever experienced.

Ahhh memories…makes me want to watch :


So to help spread this a little – here is a couple of tags for people to do this – and if you are tagged already…too bad!!!  LOL I refuse to miss out this time!  :p


Jaded Alt




I was tagged in a funny little game called sixth from clearcasting, who has added me to the blogroll 🙂  (AWESOME!!).


Basically you head to your pictures folder and click on the sixth image and post it 🙂

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