Pussy Plate?

I read this post today @ clear casting, one of my regularly read blogs and I did have to have a chuckle.

I am a victim of the slutty clothes wearing avatar…although my reason for it is simple I have an outfit for each of my mage specs…My fire spec is all red and fleshy because I get hot and flustered casting pyro’s and fireballs, my frost set is more covered and blue to keep me warm and my arcane spec is currently a work in progress with mostly covered but not over the top and is all purples/pinks….

I don’t think my choice of clothes has any relevance to what kind of person I am – other than perhaps slightly OCD about having different sets for my specs….

Of course I tend to see transmog like an invisibility cloak almost – it is only made to look like the gear – not replace it, so I am – in theory – not really going up against a dragon wearing nothing….I still have my full gear on protecting my naughty bits….I guess it is just the difference in my mind 🙂

The comments made on Clearcasting’s thread were worth a read though 🙂