o.O Pally tanking

I tanked Firelands on my pally!!  We got the first four bosses down – Beth, Shan, Ryo and Bale.  We could have gotten more done, but we ran out of time as we wiped a couple of times on a few simply because we had a weird mix of people on.

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Firelands destroyers!

Went into firelands tonight after killing Beth yesterday and we smashed lord ryowhatever AND baleroc!

Lord R was seriously pretty easy, a bit of movement and things to look for but overall with the increase in communication it went so smoothly in fact two shot….rather happy about that.

Baleroc was a little more difficult, given our guilds penchant for not talking on mumble much, I made a pointed comment about needing to talk it through coz we suck at it….didn’t really help to start :). I think we wiped 4 times? And then everything just sort of fell into place, I think an easy-ish fight once you figure out who is doing what and when. Communication was awesome 🙂

My dps was woeful on lord R, I am not entirely sure arcane is the best spec for me in this raid 🙂 but then I was about 17k on bale…could have been better but I died in the last 2% and I was running to get a shard before that…so I will check our logs to see actual figures 🙂

There is still some drama going on which I (thankfully) don’t know anything about, but it just weighs on the mind…that people may leave or stop raiding or any manner of things.

We did prove that if people are paying attention; bosses can die! So we are now 4/7 and I have 4 videos I need to do now…… 😀