A song in my heart….

and tears in my eyes!

One of my most treasured guild mates is leaving the guild tonight.  He has found a guild on another server with better times for him and given he has been raiding at crap hours for almost 4 years, I completely sympathize with him.

His last raid is to be tonight, but I don’t think we will have enough online to raid anyway, someone was having major back surgery yesterday and last night when i jumped online we had 5 people ready to go.

I am sad and happy for him to be moving onto this next phase and to be honest with RealID it really isn’t going to kill us being able to chat and communicate with each other – and run old content for shits and giggles.

I will miss him and his witty banter in guild, his constant attendance to raids and his ability to fall asleep mid raid at the keyboard 🙂  He has been with the guild since a few months after I started it all those years ago, and as I would come and go, he was always around, he never left.

I don’t know what this means for the guild as a whole, I am waiting for the GM to get back to me via email.  I am hoping we can just pug it when we want and I can try and get a run on the server to at least get the last boss complete.  All I really want to do is kill Deathwing 🙂  I am not sure we will be able to recruit people given we are not clearing content and there are so many other guilds out there doing it on a weekly basis.

Anyway, we shall see what tonight brings.  There may be actual tears as well!