Changed My mind about LFR

So, I have changed my mind about LFR, I won’t really be doing them again any time soon, perhaps if I can find 25 people who want to do it…but otherwise they can go and shove it.

I will be the first to admit, the first 2 runs I did were awesome, both leaders explained the fights, gave everyone a chance to ask questions and generally were awesome raid leaders.  Last week I ran LFR another 4 times, so in total 6 – and I can say – the first two were the only ones I enjoyed.  The rest, had abusive people, calling people names, not explaining fights, telling people off when they died (from not knowing fights), dropping group because people didn’t know what was going on or asking questions – or maybe too rude….I don’t know.

I decided to try and run LFR today for the new bosses and I have just been into 3 different raids – and have wiped once on the first boss and have copped so much abuse that I left.  Ok, here I admit, the first one I actually joined as lead accidentally – I didn’t realise the lead stays when you change raids….my bad…I asked in the raid more than 6 times for someone to lead and take over as I had never been there – but noone did – however once we died and everyone started having a go at me, I said it one final time, no one answered so I dropped.  Ok I admit I didn’t realise I had chosen lead – but there were p[lenty of people in there who could have taken over and just didn’t want to as I figure it was easier to abuse people.

Anyway so I left that one and joined another one, same thing…bunch of people being arseholes to each other and calling people names, telling them to DIAF etc…so we wiped on the  boss and then after some more abuse I left that one as well.

I joined one more and i made sure i said in raid chat that I had never been here before – however the raid leader didn’t explain the fight then yelled at us on the boss to stack, which we did, and then we all tarted dying…I clicked the button and lasted a little longer…anyway…then someone said “don’t Q if you don’t know the fights”……so what the fuck is the point of the LFR tool then??

Sorry Blizzard I am normally on board with your new things – and I really was with this one….until now….Until you get rid of the fucking idiots, wanders, arseholes and general fuckers in this game  – the same thing is going to occur. And potentially people are not going to want to take up raiding if that is how they get spoken to.  I don’t need to pay money each month to get abused….and I am sorry it is not my idea of fun.

I am so angry right now.  People like that make me hate this game and hate people even more.  So I no longer be running the LFR again.

Heroic 25 mans, pallies, mages and idiots :)

There was a few people online last night and we decided to just have a play in 25 man heroic….you know…for fun….what else can you do when you have no plans for a Friday night and you have 8 people online to start 🙂

You know, we were actually doing quite well….until the PVP event, which sort of nuked our plans to get any further.  The first attempt on them, I think we all spent about 10 minutes just trying to kill the healers….It was hilarious because we just didn’t have enough interrupts or CC….but I was enjoying myself immensely.

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