Warmaster Fatface (Blackhorn)….

I cannot…CANNOT….arggghhhh!!

Horrible horrible horrible fight on 10 man….so horrible in fact that i can’t even bring myself to typing about it without wanting to crawl into a corner shaking and crying.

He is our wall, and honestly I am letting the team down. I can do 27k on Ultrax on a good pyro night, yet on WB I am barely managing 11k dps…and that’s maybe….generally I am under 10k…

It’s so insane, I am constantly running around to get things and I am just not being able to get the dps out which means we are getting overrun with adds.

I am soaking every second twilight onslaught and that was helping us on Monday night, and we were really really close to getting to actually fight Warmaster…like…1.2 drakes to go…

We kept losing the ship though – not to sappers though, to all the other damage.

We are doing everything right, we just need to get more practice at it.  So another week clearing and we should be just that little bit closer!!