My first ever Sunwell!

After me logging the other night because of the asshats in my alliance guild, I logged onto my warrior and one of our guildies was going to be heading into Sunwell.  So I got an invite to tag along.  Even my hubby decided to come with us.

We never did Sunwell when it was current, we did one or two nights farming the trash – but we found that too hard for us. We started raiding late, and had we stuck with it back then we could have probably gotten to Sunwell eventually.

Anyway since then, I have done a whole bunch of pugs which never get passed the first boss and if I have joined after that boss, we never get passed Frosty.

The first boss was hard even now as it required communication about % of health.  We wiped the first time 😦  But then got it on the second.

We then smacked Brute and had a few attempts on Frosty.  Can I just say – what a pain in the arse that fight is/was!?!?!?

Song was telling us to look for him when he was up to see where the breath was, and I must confess I couldn’t even see the tard because I was chasing mobs. It was horrific. Mind you given it was my second time seeing that actual fight, I am not surprised I was clueless.  In the end we just had to burn through before the air phase – which we did.  It would have been tough when it was current content.

Muru was fantastic!  He was like a dark purple nurple adal – i loved it 🙂  From what I could tell of the fight, it would have been an interesting one in its day.


Then he turned into a massive void shadow thing and I was just enjoying myself so much 🙂 I had no idea what the hell was going on!

After that we headed to the big man to cleanse his evil from the empire :p

I was pretty ecstatic to have done this – I never thought I would ever see Sunwell.  I need to do it on my mage for the BC achievement – it’s the only one I am missing I think. This would have been spectacular in its day, along with all the raids of the BC era which had style! I am jealous at all the people who did get to see this content when it was current.

I am sorry we sucked a little Song, but thank you so much for taking us along for the ride. It means a lot that we got to see it.  Hubby has never seen past the first archway of trash 😀

My only regret was not realising I could have been a dragon for the fight – or some of it anyway.  I could have just flown around being all dragonlike and awesome.  So here is me after the boss kill anyway 😀

It was a fantastic end to what a horrific start of my raid night.

Are you a team player or not?

The title question is something every person has to answer at some point in their WoW raiding lives.

Are you a team player or not?

I am sure the answer would be different for every person, and their perception of the question and how to answer it would be based on their own life experiences.

**Warning – Strong violence, frequent bad language and adult themes**

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Cross realm raid – BWL

My first proper cross realm raid 🙂  I logged in yesterday morning as I had the day off and got thrown an invite almost straight away 🙂

I hadn’t been to BWL on my warrior 🙂

Scored an achievement, clearly I need to fix my mod as the above is a terrible image…LOL How can I even say what achievement I got??

We took a photo at Nef before we killed him and I wanted to say the 15 minute run through BWL was heaps of fun 🙂  My first cross realm raid was a success!   I like them.

Thanks for the run guys, you all kept me laughing!

Then I listened to twisted nether blogcast with Navimie 🙂  I had to run just before it finished because hubby needed to make a work call and my headphones weren’t plugged in.  It was fun sitting in the chat room with Cymre (!!) and some other guildies just chatting away.  The noodles though.  THE NOODLES!!!!  I swear, most painful hour with those ads!!

Selfish and annoying

I confess, I was very angry tonight, in fact I had /gquit typed into my chat window I was so angry. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised it was my fault for being selfish, but I can’t help it – it angers me.

Since we killed DW a few weeks ago, I have been wanting to ensure our long term members get this kill as well, I have been pushing that agenda because I know people will start losing interest soon.

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Done and dusted

Onto the excitement, my Shammy got to 83 yesterday 🙂 I am so happy for her. I am playing enhancement and enjoying it more than I thought I would to be honest!

I am lucky to have a very gifted enh shammy that I married and he was giving me some great tips 🙂 I have never been a fan of melee, but shammies seem to handle it better…or maybe I am not clueless….no idea 🙂

We should have hit 85 sometime this week with these current toons, so that is a little exciting 🙂 That will make my shammy toon number 5 at max cap, my priest will be hot on her heels!

Onto the guild drama though!
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Short again :(

We were short again tonight – about 4 people. So we couldn’t do much of anything really. Our plan was to get rags, at least attempt him a few times.

Instead we went and wiped repeatedly in BWD with alts. I went on my tank, and I just could not survive. I really have to change some stats on my tank because when a less experienced healer attempts to keep me alive, it always ends badly…for me.

LFR is not exactly an easy place to get gear out of as a tank, if you can’t handle the hits, you get booted or abused. I really need to get better gear in all honesty.

Anyway, we did ok until the boss with the vials…what’s his name again? Anyway that was about when we all switched to our mains, excluding a couple of people, and started mashing through stuff. By stuff I mean, one boss 🙂

In truth we all sort of forgot the fight mechanics and just kept stuffing up simple things.

Here’s to hoping we get enough online tomorrow night or a raid!

Didn’t raid last night :(

Up, down, up, down, up, down.

I swear I feel like I am on a roller coaster that I just can’t get off because the guard is laughing maniacally at the gate and pushing the machine to go faster, pussycat, faster!!

We had 5 people online last night, so we are hoping Thursday is a go.  I really thought given we smashed through 6 bosses on Sunday that people would be all busting chops to go… 😦

I have found myself looking at guilds again…secretly…when I think I am not looking….it’s pathetic – I agree – but I just can’t shake the feeling that I am completely and utterly addicted to the game and raiding specifically.

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Holy Cow…we actually raided last night.

We raided like men gone mad 🙂

Yes I know there is a 25% buff at the moment, but I tell you what it kicked butt 🙂

We started just after 7.40pm, 9 manning with 2 healers.  We figured we had been 9 manning the first 3 bosses well enough for a while we would just continue,, but honestly, we got all the way to Hagara  with one down and we were doing it fast. We wiped once on Zonozz because the tank forgot the fight :0) it was ok though.  At Hagara we had a guildie come in just to add an extra person, we smashed through Ultrax and Warmaster and buy 9:16pm we had cleared up to our usual spot.

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LFR is my future

So after another Morning of looking up guilds I am giving up – officially. I can’t continue looking for a guild when I am just setting myself up for disappointment.

I am pretty much just going to stick with my current guild but as a non raider and just do LFR on the toons I want to, likely my Druid, Mage and probably Monk.

It is not an easy decision because I do love raiding, but perhaps once MoP comes out there will be more opportunities, but at the moment everyone is quiet about recruitment or raiding too many hours. I can’t start at 6pm and I can’t finish much later than 10.30 and even that is pushing it.

LFR I can do whenever I want and there is no real stress tied to it.

I need to keep telling myself that I will be content with LFR and that it won’t be depressing….but I know deep down I will always want the thrill of being in a 25 man raid working with others and killing bosses.

All things come to those who wait they say, but my blog is going to be less about raiding now and more about levelling, toons and achievements in all likelihood, unless something pops up by chance.

So, here is to new adventures and new toons 🙂

Not Alone

So, last night was a bust – we had 5 people online to raid again.  However, it seems to be a trend, the last few blog posts I have read from others have been about the issues with raiding and their teams.

It seems like everyone is insane at the moment – changing teams, replacing people without explanation, pugging…blah blah blah.  Pre-xpac must have some sort of neurotoxin that I know nothing about yet 🙂

I forgot Diablo3 came out today, I should have set it to download before i left for work this morning.  I am not sure I want to play it – I guess I do though 🙂  I did like D1&2 – but I only really played the first few levels as the characters used to scare me too much to keep playing.  LOL

Diablo 2 was the first sort of RPG I had ever played and it was scary – the idea that monsters could kill me :p

I will set it to download tonight before bed.

A song in my heart….

and tears in my eyes!

One of my most treasured guild mates is leaving the guild tonight.  He has found a guild on another server with better times for him and given he has been raiding at crap hours for almost 4 years, I completely sympathize with him.

His last raid is to be tonight, but I don’t think we will have enough online to raid anyway, someone was having major back surgery yesterday and last night when i jumped online we had 5 people ready to go.

I am sad and happy for him to be moving onto this next phase and to be honest with RealID it really isn’t going to kill us being able to chat and communicate with each other – and run old content for shits and giggles.

I will miss him and his witty banter in guild, his constant attendance to raids and his ability to fall asleep mid raid at the keyboard 🙂  He has been with the guild since a few months after I started it all those years ago, and as I would come and go, he was always around, he never left.

I don’t know what this means for the guild as a whole, I am waiting for the GM to get back to me via email.  I am hoping we can just pug it when we want and I can try and get a run on the server to at least get the last boss complete.  All I really want to do is kill Deathwing 🙂  I am not sure we will be able to recruit people given we are not clearing content and there are so many other guilds out there doing it on a weekly basis.

Anyway, we shall see what tonight brings.  There may be actual tears as well!


Still on Spine

We are so close on Spine it is not funny. Last night we just cocked up every single attempt with something silly and it just caused a night of annoyance really.

The best we got was to the last tendon with about 20% left, but then we got overrun with bloods as the amalgamation was blowing up for what would have been our 1st kill.

Long boring brain dump 😀 Feel free to skip the rest!  I won’t be offended.

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Once again no raid :(

We didn’t raid again tonight due to lack of numbers and to make matters worse we had someone leave who was a raiding member. So, even less likely of a raid group on Thursday now.

So I have been trolling the forums and wow progress and I am seriously disappointed! I can’t find a horde 25 man guild on a PVE server that raids from 7:30 until about 10:30.

Yeah, when I read that back it sounds like I am being far too picky, but I don’t really think I am, however I am not looking at guilds that have 8/8 H as yet simply because I don’t want to be in a hardcore kind of guild. Yeah I am just digging my grave deeper aren’t I? Lol

Ahh well, I will keep looking over the next few days and I may have to look at alliance guilds as well if I can’t find anything. I might start toons on servers and check out trade for guild postings in case that is the only avenue people are using. So much to do!

Onto some funny stuff – aside from being dumb about tier pieces, I also missed out on two companions because I forgot about the orphan quests in Dalaran and Shatt. The worst part? The quests stopped being available at 6pm – when I was online waiting for raid- and I didn’t remember about the quests until about 8pm. I was kicking myself pretty much all night!

Heroic madness in guilds

So, either my current is guild is really far behind the 8 ball or I am severely confused by the game.

I have spent a little bit of time today trolling forums and sites for guilds and all I can find are heroic heroic guilds.  All looking for heroic players. I am concerned by this as it means I am going to have a very hard time applying to anything.

We have not even cleared DS yet – this is not going to give me a fair chance when competing for spots.  I also have very little experience in the way of heroic content – and although I am very capable of said content – I can’t prove that beyond the world of logs I can produce now that show me sucking balls most of the time because I am raid leading, so having to tell people when to scratch their noses.

I don’t want a hardcore guild where I feel that my dps being 2k lower will affect my chances of the next raid, but I don’t want to be in a guild with people who can’t seem to watch a counter and fact when needed.  I am not saying I want a guild of experts, but a guild of people that can think and not need other people to be constantly telling them what is happening…do we really need someone calling out when hour of twilight is casting so you can push the damn button?  Do we really need to call out to remind people to jump into the twilight onslaught because the game screaming it and DMS screaming it just isn’t enough?

I was hoping to slip into a guild doing 7/8 or 8/8 and working on heroics, but all i can find are 5/8 or fully cleared…is DS really that easy?  or are the smaller guilds not recruiting publicly on forums etc.  I am not in game all the time so I don’t get to watch the trade spam and even if I am in game I am generally not lounging around in a city doing nothing.

I have always been under the impression you don’t apply for guilds way above your level because it is just silly really, but given we are coming into the end of an xpac, do you think it is acceptable to now?

Spine of death (wing)

I haven’t left my guild yet, I have been so busy with work and real life that I can’t get a spare moment to check out guilds.

I am still tanking for the guild and I need to fix my gems, I started to before raid, but I ran out of time. I need to boost my avoidance as I am not at the 102 I need to be, and I think that is only going to cause issues. I reformed before raid and got another 3% but I am still only at 79%.

We have not re-clearing this week as I am sick of us re-clearing then never actually getting to the progression fights. So we have been on spine all week and tonight we actually made progress. We were getting to the last amalgamation having about 4% hp before the last tendon could pop, and we would get overrun with bloods. It was painful!

I reckon we may have his number tomorrow night!

Hard to move on…

Last night, a person came back into the game that I promised myself I would never ever be in the same guild as again.

There had been mention on the guild forums of a possible return and I had already started dreading the day he would log back on.  He was a quarter of a group that I despise more than words can readily express.

I have already notified my GM that I will not be staying in the guild as long as he is active, but I will continue raiding with them if need be, but I cannot stay there with this person and everyone treating him as a long lost friend when he and the others destroyed me and my love for my guild and WoW.

I have not yet removed my toons from the guild as I wanted to just have a day to think it over, and although I am not angry or upset about it anymore, I made a promise to myself and I will stick with it because I don’t need to be reminded every time I log into the game of what happened back then.

At the end of the month when Blizzard takes my 15 bucks I will be happier knowing I am not putting up with shite just because I feel I need to.

Last night I was considering just seeing how active he was before leaving, but in the end that feels like I am just letting it go and that I don’t have an issue with it – which isn’t the case.  My grudges last a lifetime.

So, I need to start the hunt for a new guild….

All i need now is lotto :)

Awesome day today!

My beautiful warrior finally hit 85 this morning!! YAY!  He was my second toon ever created after my mage 🙂  He was a she at her original creation but is now a tauren boy.

I don’t really have any plans for him, I just wanted to get him maxxed so I can maybe run some dungeons and just have some fun.  I enjoy my warrior – nowhere near as much as my mage or my druid, but I enjoy thunderclap and Stromstrike far more than I probably should!

Anyway, I logged onto my priest to start levelling her, since I am at work I can’t run dungeons, so am just questing, which can get boring!  I got a message from the hubby so I took a few minutes to read that.

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Enter Firelands

Once again, we were short people, so we decided to trundle off to Firelands with 9 people.  We are still yet to get Rags down, so this is going to be the lock out we save to continue working on him.

I forced everyone to stay on mains because the last time we went into FL with alts we spent all night wiping on Shannox…which I was not prepared to do again.

We managed to one shot everything up to Alyzrazor.  We wiped on her thanks to the swirly vortex’s of death and a few people hadn’t seen the fight before.

It was actually rather enjoyable to know that we could still do the fights properly, obviously the gear improvements are a great help, but our co-ordination was quite good with people doing what they should when they should.  I fact, we did some fights better techincally, then we ever did them whilst it was current content.

My fingers are crossed for Thursday that we have enough because I want to get DS completed before MoP is announced otherwise we have no hope and we may just need to join random PUGS on the server.

What is beginning to get under my skin, is sites posting that everyone has finished DS, is bored with is, is farming it etc – and I know we certainly haven’t!! I wish they would just shut up and stop making it sound as if the people still struggling through are just “meh”.

We are part of those raiding figures and although Blizz is doing it’s best to nerf the content when they can, it doesn’t help with a lack of numbers to actually do raids.

Sorry tangent there; but it has been irking me since about 3 weeks ago when suddenly 70% of the posts/sites/forums I read said people were bored with DS because they have had it on farm for so long already…. 😦  Come and join us then for a couple of weeks and help us get through it!!  LOL

8 manning DS..again

Eventful night, really surprised we even got a raid going.  One of our healers was ill and not really up to it, so she was dpsing, we recruited another healer and then we only had 8 online…

We wiped once on Morchok to sudden tank death, then we wiped once on Yorsaj due to my bad call out. 

We didn’t start until about 8pm either, and we called it at 9.10pm as we could not do Zonozz with only 8..too much damage for our healers to handle.

We did get another DPS in for Yorsaj, on the second attempt as well.

It is so frustrating!!!!!  We could have cleared up to warmaster last night had everyone been online and ontime, anyway, such is life at the moment.

My mind has been very much toying with the idea that for MoP I want to be in/part of a guild who will be seeing content.  I don’t necesarily want extreme hardmodes, but it would be nice to be in a guild with people who want to push themselves just that little bit more to be better and kill bosses faster. 

It also doesn’t help that I copped a tirade from someone who is supposed to be a real life friend again – and I don’t want a game to be the thing that ruins our friendship – I understand everyone has faults and I make no mistakes in my mind about the kind of person they are, but I am not going to take that kind of crap from them in game as well as IRL when I had no decision on the matter they were pissed about – they shoudl have taken it up with the GL.

Ahh people, they make life so much more disturbing some times!  LOL


MoP Information :D and raid teams

I was refreshing my screen last night on MMO-champ so I could sink my teeth into some information, and was a little disappointed to be honest…there wasn’t all that much new stuff up there.  Yes, there was some…but most we were told at Blizzcon…so meh really.

I love the new girly pandas – they may be my new draenai (most of my toons are draenai).  I like their pudgy but sexy shapes 🙂  The couple of faces in the screenshots are cute as well.

I am wrapped about the extra toon slot, as I was just last week trying to decide which low level toon was never going to get played again to make room.  This way I can finish them off instead of deleting them!  Although in honesty I would have just moved it off server if I got desperate.

I am still reading up on the information as so many sites are putting everything out there – as you would expect.  I did have a brief read of the Monk talents and I love the Ox charge thing….sounds cool, but the rest sound like normal sort of talent things – until we see animations etc 😀

I read on WoWinsider briefly something about mini farms? Sounds fantastic if it isn’t a joke….maybe…LOL…but then I am not entirely sold on the battle pets…I liked my non combat pets and collecting them – I didn’t need to be doing anything with them.

I was reading as much as I could before we started raiding, which in the end didn’t happen because we were short again.  I put some feelers out there for an alliance of sorts with another guild who are also short, and when the GM and I brought it to the guild for discussion last night, I basically got told “no way” to an alliance.  So, I am guessing from the reaction people would prefer not to raid at all if we are short.

Ok, I should be fair and give the full concept – we are always 2-3 short for raiding at the moment.  What the guild wants is to just whisper this potential other guild and pull people in when we need it, and vice versa, they can whisper us and see if anyone wants to raid if they are short.

The two problems being we raid roughly the same nights and we have more consistent players then they do…So I can understand the guilds concern about us moving and altering our team just to fit in one or two more people…especially since they raid slightly earlier as well.

GAH!!!  Sometimes I just wish guild recruiting was easier 😀