I spanked Diablo

I have never ever managed to actually get to a Diablo fight, so when I say I am excited, multiply it by about 1500 😀

I am still home today, as hubby has been sick with a flu and is coughing like a madman, this has meant over the last 4 days I have managed about 4 hours sleep a night, I am running on empty.  Anyway, I got even less sleep last night, maybe 2 hours, and I am not fit to drive into work – it’s a 2 hour drive.  I am a danger!

So I decided since I can’t sleep I may as well try and kill Diablo,  I haven’t been back in the game since I attempted him the other night.

And voila!  A dead Diablo!!

I am quite proud of myself that my reflexes were good enough to actually do it, I thought I would be doing this for a while given how tired I am.

As usual another spectacular cinematic – I am going to rewatch this one another 100 times no doubt, but they have all been so spectacular.  I would love Blizzard to do an animated movie…WoW related of course because their cinematics are always so amazing!!  The Lich King – need I say more?!?!?

So after the wonderful death of Diablo I got my very own congrats screen 🙂  I yelped in excitement!   I killed Diablo!!  I killed Diablo!!  Makes me want to go back and kill him in the other ones now…I have done it once, I can do it again with crappier graphics right??

I am not sure if I am going to do nightmare mode, the thought of clearing all those maps again makes me sag in disappointment.  But maybe it can be a side project or something.  I would honestly prefer to play WoW given how much I want to get done before MoP comes out with rep grinding, levelling alts and soting out the professions on my toons – I want to get first aid up on my druid, and cooking/fishin – because if i change my main to her come MoP she needs to be able to hold her own and do dialies etc.

Anyway, woot!!  I could always do co-op through nightmare difficulty perhaps?

Diablo is easy…


OK, I am up to Diablo – attempting to defeat him and I have only given it one shot, but I have been online all day, I have decided now is avery good time to take a break for a few hours, rather than get frustrated 🙂

I think it will be  challenge and I am certainly not going to be able to kill him easily…I know I have found all the bosses moderately difficult, but only because of my lack of skill as a player.  I am not good with no camera angle changes and having to use mouse for attacks and movement…I am just not getting it as easily as some.

However given I played Diablo 1 and 2 and never ever even got to actually fighting Diablo – I am pretty impressed with myself 😀

I am likely going to start a monk next, but I highly doubt I will ever get her very high.  I am assuming I need to play the nightmare level now to get my character to 60, but I highly doubt I will make it that far.  Although it is a game I can take my time with and do it with friends or co-op to get through it, so 60 may be doable.

I did another co-op today and just as we were killing a boss, the entire game froze and threw us out.  So I signed up again and got a bunch of people who kept constantly dying, so I would res them, and then die to the hundreds of mobs they managed to pull. It was a bit of fun anyway 😀

I just figured out my graphics were not set as high as they could be and that has made me a little disappointed as I wonder how much better the spell effects were..but I will see that when I start my monk I am sure 😀

So here is a picture of my wizard:  isn’t she lovely?

I have opened up so many new banner things, I will have to have a play with them, but I just was so focused on clearing through everything 😀  I am happy to report I cleared everything I could find, BUT – I seem to have missed a few achievements relating to areas…so I am going to have to dredge back through the entire place as I did not leave a corner of any map undiscovered.  I can only assume I left some doorways with the intention of coming back to them, but never got around to it.  There are also some events I missed, so I will have to go back through and see if I can find them as well.

How far through are you guys?  Enjoying it?

It’s another Diablo post :)

It’s my first Diablo post, but there are plenty of them by other people.

My hubby gave me a serve because I started a Wizard 🙂 says I should have tried something other than a Mage like class 🙂 lol. What can I say – I love Mage type classes with spells and magic 🙂

I am level 25 and have just started Act 3. The boss of act 2 was hard, took me 3 attempts but it was nice to be challenged, although I was swearing at the pc a fair bit 🙂

I am loving the graphics, and the spells. I feel a bit nooby though as I am wearing a mish mosh of clothes and I can’t quite figure out what kind of clothes I am supposed to wear…I just need to do some reading instead of being lazy! I absolutely love being able to dye my clothes – everything is blue with green shoulders.

I do want to try a demon hunter and a monk, so they will be next on my lists once I get a bit further through on my wizard.

I tried a co-op game and would assume it is much better if you are with friends. The person I was with just ran off, didn’t help with mobs or even talk. I couldn’t figure out how to leave the party though, so I logged out, which I am sure there has to be a better way?

I am sure there is a better way to leave the group, however i have further evidence of my stupidity -I didn’t realise the portal you cast takes you back to the exact spot you left. I was using it to get to town, then using the waypoints and running forever to get back to where I was….pathetic, I know! I spent so much wasted time running around like an idiot!!

I also have lost some achievements, which annoys me, I have to log a report or ticker or thingie for it so I can get them back.

Overall, I am quite impressed with it, and since we are not raiding it is giving me something to do 🙂 still looking for a guild, and still struggling due to my hours, I may just have to give up on raiding and be happy with LFR for the future, as most guilds that sound like my sort of place don’t raid at times I can fit in with. I am a little sad about it, but I am hopeful that something will come up soon. You know, destiny and all that! Heheh

Hope you are all enjoying Diablo as well!


Not Alone

So, last night was a bust – we had 5 people online to raid again.  However, it seems to be a trend, the last few blog posts I have read from others have been about the issues with raiding and their teams.

It seems like everyone is insane at the moment – changing teams, replacing people without explanation, pugging…blah blah blah.  Pre-xpac must have some sort of neurotoxin that I know nothing about yet 🙂

I forgot Diablo3 came out today, I should have set it to download before i left for work this morning.  I am not sure I want to play it – I guess I do though 🙂  I did like D1&2 – but I only really played the first few levels as the characters used to scare me too much to keep playing.  LOL

Diablo 2 was the first sort of RPG I had ever played and it was scary – the idea that monsters could kill me :p

I will set it to download tonight before bed.