Day 15 :Your desktop background (on your computer) and why you chose it

I have noticed an increase in people doing this 20 days of thing, and since I got almost finished, I thought I should just finish mine 🙂

So my desktop image was something I just found on deviant art.

The Graceful Odyssey by Shirotsuki - Deviantart


I love this because it is easy to look at for long periods – no glare when my windows are smaller than fullscreen, and the image is very Fey and magical in my mind.  I just love this as a piece of art.

Day 6: Desk area

My Desk

I need to get an updated picture now, but this is essentially my desk area 🙂  My mac has been moved over to the right to accomadate my windows computer.  The Box is on the floor beside my desk as I haven’t fiddled with the computer holder yet to get it in there.

My windows monitor is essentially where the printer is – I have to sit on an angle because the keyboard I have plugged into my pc doesn’t have a long enough cord, but I can’t use my old G15 anymore as they keys have had the black rubbed off from too much use and I can no longer tell what the letters are….which would be fine for all the touch typers out there :/