Is it ever going to happen

Guess where we went again last night?


We did, however manage a one shot on shannax; that was mighty cool 🙂

Beth caused us some issues, we had a full ranged team which seemed to cause us a few issues and I am not entirely sure why…i spent the entire fight running around like a mad chook (I guess everyone does though) and we just kept getting overrun.

We had to call the raid early as someone had to leave; so once again we only raided in FL For just on an hour (we did tol barad before hand) and I think we gave Beth three attempts(?)….it just isn’t enough IMHO.

The lack of progression is causing some dissension among the guildies as well, which could end quite badly….but since I don’t know who reads this blog I am not going to say much more about that. This is why I was so open as a guild master – I wanted everything out in the open so people weren’t unhappy behind the scenes. This allowed me the chance to fix things for the better…


So tonight, we decided to try out Beth in Firelands…can I just say…no freaking way….no way!! NOOOOO WAY!!!!

I think I want to never play WoW again after that fight and I am dreading to think what the rest of the boss fights are like….

I have been told by many people currently in FL and doing it heroically…that is very unforgiving – that you cannot have one person make an error as it is all over. I sort of believed them but not really. I now know otherwise and I have little faith we will ever see Ragnaros killed – or even reached.

We have some very unaware people in our guild and tonight was just heart wrenching. I will be fair though and say it is our first night on the boss and we were learning etc – we can only improve from here right? I can only hope so…..

Tank was not up the web first, healers were not fast enough on the chains, people couldn’t find the hole to jump back down, blah blahblah…it was just an immense screw up 🙂

I have also discovered I hate the assist function of pets. I changed to frost for the extra nova and slows for the mini spiders, and my pet doesn’t follow me around, so I couldn’t use it’s nova effect – I kept having to change it to passive then assist again, so he would come close enough to me….what a cock up that is….

All in all, I think Firelands is going to be an immense challenge and I really hope we can rise to meet it….