Still on Spine

We are so close on Spine it is not funny. Last night we just cocked up every single attempt with something silly and it just caused a night of annoyance really.

The best we got was to the last tendon with about 20% left, but then we got overrun with bloods as the amalgamation was blowing up for what would have been our 1st kill.

Long boring brain dump 😀 Feel free to skip the rest!  I won’t be offended.

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So I am still waiting to hear back from Inex, I have had the questioning session and have had some really nice responses to my application – many people have wished me luck and fingers crossed for me etc.

I am really really nervous and excited!!! The idea of being in Inex!! It has taken me a damn long time to get the balls to apply and even at this point I could get rejected due to numbers.

But just that I have not been rejected yet is huge for me 😀 D and I are so excited and nervous we keep checking the post, yesterday I was actually shaking with nervousness, I feel as though I have applied for a job that I really really want.

I have no idea yet how to leave my current guild, but I am going to make it short and sweet and not rude or anything.

Fingers are crossed for Inexorable to accept me 😀  I would probably even be tempted to just beg a social spot to be with players of that cailbre – surely it rubs off :p