Gear upgrades and stuff :D

I went into an ICC 25 man raid and I won a ring and a glove upgrade, I then went into VOA25 and won a pair of tier pants.  So three upgrades in one night, got to love that if you ask me!

My Gearscore according to wow-heroes went from 2406 to 2967 or something, so I am pretty stoked about that 😀

It was a good pug for ICC, we one shot everything except Saurfang and even him we got to 15% or so on the first shot.  We didn’t wipe, we just kept moving through the trash and onto bosses, it was a very good run and very enjoyable, no one was being an arse. We were not even using vents, so was nice to just be chilling out and not thinking about anything other than killing.

I definately need to fix my quartz now though, being out here means my latency has doubled to approx 400 and I have been noticing the red bar is HUGE!!

Blood Princes !!! 9/12 now :D

Can you believe it!!  We are now 9/12 now!!

Only a couple more to go and We will be seeing the Lich King!!!

From the info I was given the guildies spent about 3 hours learning the fight and getting them to 4% on their last shot the other night, so they went back in and ONE SHOT THEM!!  They also 2 shot Professor only having killed him last week for the first time.

So in true fashion they always manage to repeat the kill once it has been done…just getting to that first one is sometimes painful.

I am so very proud of them and I am sad that I missed all the first kills!!  But at least they are doing it, that is the main thing.

Not sure they even need me now they are kicking butt!!  LOL  they may decide I am not good enough anymore!!  ROFLMAO!  (I Laugh because I know I will suck when i get back!)

Anyway!! GOOO GUILDIES!!!!!  Cheer Cheer cheer!!!

8/12 ICC – Putricide dead!

My guildies finally killed Professor putricide last night! YAY!! Can’t really explain how excited I am for them!

This is a very good thing – a major boost for their morale I would say! They were getting closer every week, just lacking some DPS in most cases, but they were getting consistent 15% last week, then the last few nights on him was 4%, then 3% then 2% and well you get the picture, close every time just no cheddar.

I would ask them for a blow by blow event description, but honestly they suck at describing it and I really want videos of these things! I might start getting them to video the damn things. I know I am going to video any boss fights from now on, once I get my new pc and all should be a cakewalk for it to handle the pressure 😀

I just really wish I was there, seeing new kills is all I live for, I really enjoy the fact that it takes a few shots to kill new bosses, it would be over too quickly if we walked in and walked out. The excitement builds every week as you get closer and closer to the kill 😀 (starting to sound like an orgasm doesn’t it?!?! LOL)

Anyway I am very proud of them, this has been a long hard road and hopefully will life out guild position a little bit and raise our profile somewhat for the 25 mans they are going to try and start running, it will be a very good boost to be able to say we are 8/12 in ICC 🙂

Bad gear choices are still gear choices :)

I have been, for the last few weeks/months not been ingame and raiding, therefore my stash of frostie badges has not grown fast nor have I had the chance to upgarde via drops all that much.

So I was in previously mentioned ICC 25 man and I got 2 things out of that run. Enough badges to be at 120 frosties AND a shoulder upgrade from 25 man content.

So this has placed me in a bad position, which I think I may have screwed even further last night.

I was going to buy my two tier peices with my badges – nice 60 badges each done, however, my gloves are actually comparable to the tier peices and my shoulders are now better than the tier piece. So the tier pieces would be a backward step in gear score….is the set bonus worth it.

After deciding no…(LOL) I then spent frosties on buying the patterns for the boots and leggings….I am now down to 75 frosties,….so not enough to buy any head or robes. However it isn’t enough to buy any saronites either….well I can buy two, but I now need like 13…AHAHAH I may have just been better getting the tier pieces!!! HAAHAHH

Anyway, I found it an interesting exercise in how to screw your gear choices royally.

That’s right, my belt is also comparable to the belts I can buy with the 60 frosties. i suppose I could buy the caster trinket, but I relaly don’t want to waste badges on a hit trinket when I already have too much hit…and what a waste of badges anyway…having to gear for hit nowadays….

So pitfall of raiding 10 man and pugging 25 mans and NOT winning tier pieces 😀 eheheh

ICC 25 Pug, tier 10 and random

I sneaked online last night to play whilst the hubby was out having drinks with work mates, and I found I only needed like 8 badges to get my Tier 10 pieces. Well I mean 2 of them.

So after some discussion I did the Weekly raid and spent almost 40 minutes doing Flame Leviathan, the Pug group was so epicly fail I am surprised we even managed to get it done. Someone started it in hardmode for a start, but then we spent 10 minutes telling people they had to kill the towers and instead of doing that they just waited near FL, needless to say we went with one tower still up and I scored an orbital achievement 🙂 So wooppee!

I then tossed up between a heroic daily and an ICC run, decided on the latter and ended up in a 25 man. Was a fairly good run for a PUG 25….I don’t normally PUG stuff – I just don’t have the time normally, but we wiped a little on trash because unfortunately some people can’t understand the concept of watching their surroundings.

I had to drop after Deathwhisper was killed as I had t pick up hubby from the city, but I scored myself enough badges for my tier pieces – until I managed to score the Shoulders that she dropped, so now I have to reevaluate what gear I should get as I am not likely to buy the shoulder tier now 😀 But I will go back in on the weekend some time and weigh up my options.

So woot to me!! With all the gear upgrades lately I am still keeping inline with everyone else sort of…
It was a very enjoyable run to, very calm and laid back, no yelling – although there were a little frustrations coming out after we wiped on LDW the first time, but I think that comes with any PUG made up of quarter guilds…I had like 5 of my guildies, anther guild had 8 or so and some other guild had a fair few as well…

I am sure my bear will be able to tell me what they finished up on last night?

7/12 ICC

We got Dreamwalker down!!

Well up….

Either way, we are now 7/12 ICC and chugging along, it is taking us a little longer than expetced to get to it, but we are getting there. Professor is still a pain, but we are managing to get through the other bosses 😀

Apparently there was some trouble on rotface this week, but, they did get him in the end, people were just not paying attention and then like some weird freak show, the next attempt was a perfect execution….go figure 🙂

I haven’t been online at all this week, have to admit, housework is so much easier to get done when you are not a raiding addict 🙂 LOL Our house has never been so clean before….LOL


So once again I am reminded that I judge too harshly 🙂

Last night the guys went into ICC and one shot Rotface…let me remind you that we have been working on him for weeks…we finally get him down and next time is a one shot?

They were getting the professor down to 55% consistently as well which means they were not all that far from getting it wrong….

Bloody awesome work!!


So rotface, 50%, 47& an 46% and then all hell broke loose 😀 eheh

But considering the other nights we were in there we didn’t get to 80% and we had no control over the slimes whatsoever, last night was a massive improvement.  We had a practice in the hallway first which I think helped people understand what was going, may have seemed a little retarded at the time, but sometimes people need a little added explanation 😀

Our kiting tank, as I expected, was doing it perfectly, a couple of untimely deaths, but that is just healers coordinating with the sliming etc. Essentially everyone was moving and getting the slimes happening together and that’s the biggest thing.  Although if people die it is a problem for whomever the slime heads to.

We went and did the raid weekly boss in ICC as well for those who had the quest – apparently it was buggy for some, but anyway, he was a little tough until we figured out we just needed to rotate the disease through the crowd and communicate.  Was a little hard towards the end when we had 3 diseases up and no one able to handle it, but we smashed him on 3 attempts.

We may alter the strat just slightly, tweak a few little bits but will see how that pans out after next week.

So overall, even though we didn’t down the boss, I think it was a great effort.  Maybe next week we will have his number, then can head onto professor….

Fester and Rot

Sounds about right if you ask me……What a insane night!!

OK firstly one shot on Festergut – was UBER!!  Not much to say really, we went in and we kicked butt, then we left 😀

So to Rotface, let me just say, I know Blizz are trying to make this game more appealing to the casual player but I think encounters like rotface would make me quit the game. 

You have casual and you have casual….I think the definitions of those two need to be more clearly defined before they start claiming they are trying to broaden their scope.

The encounter is not overly complicated – well not anymore so then some of their other ones, but I am what you would consider a hardcore casual, so I love my raiding and I know everything I can about an encounter before I go in, I try and be as aware as possible of what is going on around me so I can not be a pain in the arse to 9 or 24 other people.  The casual people though cannot seem to handle the complexity of this fight.

The premise of too much goo, death and woozes is I think altogether too much for some people to handle, and I have to be fair – after my first night in there, I am dreading going back in there.  I hate this fight, I dislike it more than I can imagine and I am hoping like hell that the Professor doesn’t drop anything nice that people in the raid want…..perhaps we can just skip that wing entirely!!

At one point we had two healers running around with slimes and not healing, so people kept dying – out strat needs work, we spent all night wiping over and over. People were just not getting the hang of the slimes and having to kite them, however on one attempt we got him to 75%, so although we didn’t appear to be getting anywhere I think we actually were.  From what I am told though the first night they went in they were not even getting 2 seconds into the fight, so I guess it is an improvement.

I am going to watch some videos and read some strats and see what we can do about making it easier for people to understand what needs to happen.  I hope we can get this one down, it might be our Hodir!

Catch up

So a fair few things have been going on and I have not been updating 🙂

Patch 3.3 dropped 2 weeks ago, with Icecrown Citadel raid being released with 4 bosses.  They will release the rest over stages, I think due to the Xmas break there is a break of about 28 days before the next release of bosses.

We have been into ICC a couple of times now, we killed the first boss Lord Marrow something, on our first night in there on about 5th attempt and last night we went back in and one shot it.  It is a very long fight, well for us it was and most of us were kicking almost 6/7 k DPS.

We went and had a go and deathwhisper last night and well, not sure how well that fight is going to work, it seems a tough fight, but I am sure once we have the adds under control it will be fine.  We had about 4 shots on her and we were slowly getting better each time.

Onto other guild info, since we joined with this guild about 7 people have left/booted from the guild and apparently it isn’t us causing the issue, we had hoped that we would have enough people to run a 10 man at the same time as the 25’s this has now not happened as we have lost too many and we barely have enough to actually get a raid running on time.

This is also another issue in that raids never run at 7.30, last night we got started at 8pm I think, which was better than the previous night of 8.30, but it just is silly that we spend so much time waiting for people to turn up before we even start inviting when we have 23 people at 7.00..I know I would have started inviting and clearing trash while we waited for the extra 2 people.

All in all they are a nice bunch, if we can sort out this raid inviting/starting issue it will be really good.