Brawlers Guild

I am no longer a Brawling Virgin.  I decided to just jump in today and see how badly I could fail.  Turns out…I did better than I expected I would do.  I am currently level 6 and it really didn’t take all that long. I stupidly, attempted a level 7 mob from the start and I think I was a little confused about  how easy that one would be.  I had a quest from my garden which gave me a challenge card….after dying about 4 times, I decided I would just start from the beginning 🙂

First brawler winBruce was so darn easy…I was fine up until I got to :

Grr Brawler

It took me about 10 attempts to kill him, I was so frustrated by the end of it, but I kept getting caught in his ground effect even though it looked as though my toon was well out of the way – clearly blink doesn’t work as well as I expected :p  In the end I kicked his butt!!!!

I did manage to fudge through one boss, for some reason, someone was in the ring fighting their boss and I got pulled in for mine – at the same time – but when the other guy killed his mob it counted towards me having killed mine.  Confused?  I know I am still wondering how that happened, it was completely weird…

Hubby decided to come and join me as well, and we were cheering each other on as you do.  I do love the cam view you can use which makes it look like you are right in the arena with them…pretty cool really.

Brawler Cheer

I will definitely be going back to the brawlers guild, it was a lot of fun and gives you some other small thing to challenge yourself with.  I like it. A lot!  Anyone else out there doing this?

8 comments on “Brawlers Guild

    • Oh, that sounds like crap!! I didn’t get to do any of the level 6 bosses but that ones sounds bad….I will probably have the same issue!! You can do it Tome!! I have faith in you 😀

  1. My Mistweaver is currently working on the second fight of rank 7. RNG in the shape of annoying mobs spawning on me keeps killing me and I’ve sort of lost the desire to keeping trying, at least for the moment. I suspect that I’ll struggle to get any further without going dps or upgrading her gear though. I still hate other people watching me but it’s been mostly good fun so far and I’d like to start trying some of the “special” bosses for the t-shirts but need to deal with my bag space first.

    • I was concerned about people watching as well, so I watched for a few minutes and saw them die as much as anyone else, and everyone was really nice, buffing, cheering and consoling each other. That is what made me not worried abut it. Do you have nice people watching or do you get crap when you die? Good work on getting to rank 7…I can imagine it would get hard to continue if you couldn’t get past one certain boss. Thankfully I am at the lower end of the gear scale, so I can only really go up from here 🙂

    • It really is a lot of fun!! I didn’t think i would enjoy it so much and I am pretty sure I suck most of the time, so if I can get to rank 6 in the space of about an hour…anyone can do it!

  2. This is something I keep meaning to do, never never remember when I’m in there waiting about for other things to happen. I think you get a mount when you reach level 10 too.

    • Don’t tell me that!!! more mounts I need to collect!! There so many…I am not sure how I am going to manage them all 😦

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