Enjoy the little things

I have been doing my best since I got back to enjoy the little things.  Pandaria seems to be the continent if you want to fill your bags with completely novelty items.  I am nearly at 50 items which do/summon/alter things and I am not entirely sure I have time to play with the all.  My favourite is still my rainbow generator though!!  They should make it upgradeable for current content!


But on current content, I have sen so many cool things, pink skellies, terribly ugly taxi services, outfits and birds that attack, plus so many others that I forgot to take images of.  But here are some of my favourites 🙂


Slowest moving bird I have ever seen in my life!!!

AlbatrossCoolest outfit – even if it did only last an hour! The hat is pimpin’ (naturally)

suaveUgliest mount/bird/dragon/drake thing i have ever seen….ewwww


Stupid quest took me far too long to do, but I liked how it showed us actually carrying things.  I thought it was cute 🙂


The roll club – I scored the achievement on my first ever run on the quest, I love this quest – it is fun, different and just that little bit looney, however since my fantastic first ever run through

roll clubI can’t stay on the damn ramp….


I am the little pink dot in the centre….not that you can tell at high speed down a hill…but I have to do it about 3 times before I can manage to stay on track, I must be over thinking it?


And the most awesome – I FINALLY got that stupid chest under the stupid ropes!!!  Would you believe as I got onto the platform the game DC’d me, so lucky that I was behind the pillar and jumping to it with my mount or I would have had to go around again.  So damn happy I finally got this one!


I think that is more than enough at the moment, but just so you know…I have many many many more pictures…I am being crazy about making sure I remember all the things we forget to enjoy in the game.  What bits have you been enjoying or trying to appreicate?

4 comments on “Enjoy the little things

  1. Hey Ray, welcome back. I came back after a year off about 3 days after you did, must be the season for it 🙂 Glad to see you’re enjoying it (and hope the bikes are going well too)

    • Hey and you to !! Are you enjoying being back and playing catch up like me? The bikes are going really well, I don’t get to ride as much as I would like. but you know that is life really. Correct me if I am wrong, you moved recently as well right? How did it go? Settled in ok?

      • Sort of moved – some of my stuff is there, but I won’t be there full time until next month. Family is staying here – see how that goes. As for settling in, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve moved house/city/country, so settling in is easy.

        • Someone else like me who finds moving easy to do 🙂 Although I haven’t managed to move countries yet, it is on the cards! I think coping without the family is probably the harder thing to deal with.

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