I am sort of missing in action at the moment as I am just having so many issues going on in my RL I can’t spare the time or the motivation to blog.  Although I have a fair few posts I could write about all the things happening at the moment, I just can’t find the energy.

Life sometimes beats you down so much that you can barely find the will to stand, we have all experienced it at some point.  We all deal with (or not as the case may be) it differently and have very different coping starts.  However I am way beyond the ability to cope with everything at the moment.

I still love blogging, and I love my WoW, I love my readers and my commenters and everything the blogosphere has brought into my life this year, but unfortunately it does not solve the real life issues that crop up and so my focus is now on other aspects of my life. What is pathetically horrible is that all it boils down to is my inability to find a job.  I am not unemployed at the moment, but I am not in a job that suits – aside from me travelling for just over 2.5 hours to get to work each way, I am working with my parents which brings a whole swag of issues, plus the huge pay cut I took doing it to help out when my mum had her nervous breakdown thinking – stupidly as it turns out – that I could get another job with a snap of the fingers, I spend most days bored out of my mind because I complete things 3 times faster than my mum does.

Anyone who has been job hunting or constantly rejected knows how horrible it can feel, and after 18 months of not even having one interview and redesigning my resume over 5 times, I am in a very bad mental place where I cannot hope to even be a good blogger – not that I was ever good per se.  I do not want my feelings to spill over into my wow life and so I will still be reading your posts and looking up blogs, but you will not likely see me comment much because I just don’t have the capacity right now.  Job hunting in NSW as well as VIC is going to take its toll on me and I cannot think of anything worse than making harsh or snippy comments and risking friendships because I am grumpy.

I am not sure when I will be back blogging again, it may never happen, but for those who want to add me and chat in game Dragonray 1445  is my battle tag.  I am still in game fairly often so more than happy to have a chinwag with people.

15 comments on “MIA

  1. I can’t imagine trying to commute so far, about an hour is enough for me. Good luck in the job hunting, I also know how mind numbing and emotionally draining a job you hate can be.

    Of course we all hope you will be back soon, but don’t come back until you’re ready 🙂

    • Thanks Mabaho 🙂 I read an article today about the auto resume killers companies are using and that made me even more depressed about the entire thing, but you are correct in the emotionally draining comment – it is just hard!

  2. /hugs.

    My commute is currently around the 2 hour each way mark so I can sympathise on that front. By the time you get home, you don’t feel like doing anything much.

    Good luck in the job hunt.

    • Thanks Erinys, aww I am not alone! I always laughed at commenting on applications about the distance you would be willing to travel – now I know why! I certainly have limits after this last 18 months.

      But bills are bills you know and a paycheck is better than none!

  3. *HUGS* What a trying time for you–don’t you worry about the blogosphere, I’m proof that it’s always here waiting for when you return. Take care of yourself; you’ll be in my thoughts and prayers.

    • Thanks Ambermist 🙂 I think sometimes you just need to close yourself and focus – get the equilibrium back, if that is possible. Thank you for the prayers.

  4. We will always be here 🙂 and besides in game you can forget the trials and tribulations of real life by beating up some big red nasties 🙂 And whether you blog or not, I will always come and visit it 🙂

    • Thanks Navimie! Killing monsters has always had a certain appeal for allowing me time to just relax, but these dailies might be the literal death of me…I don’t mind doing them per se, but I need a quest log that can handle 50 quests not 25 🙂 eheheheh

    • Thanks Akabeko, yeah spending 5 hours a day commuting is pretty annoying 🙂 I do see you pop on when I am about to log off…so I always tell myself I will message you the next day if you are online earlier…so the message you need to take away from this is to log on earlier so your stalker fans can chat to you :p hahah

  5. I’ve always enjoyed reading your blog and I hope your tough times come to an end soon.
    Just hang in there and remember it will get better.

    • Thanks Delaina, I will keep soldiering on for the greater good :p Just wish it would get better now…and not in a few months time, but don’t we always say that when we look back?

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