PVP Killing machines!

Me and the hubby about to head into the field of battle!!

I have managed to amass an alsmot complete set of PVP gear from honor points in a very short amount of time.  I still have a few things to buy, my pants being the last big perchase I need, and then boots and wrists, lastly weapon.  I am saving all my conquest points for the spellblade I want, which I then have to buy, and save another 3000 conquest points for so I can turn in the old one.  ACK!  It is a nice sword though 🙂

I am slowly getting better, however PVP does not suit me when I am PMTing, I tend to have extra low tolerance and people are just annoying me more by not killing the healers first or by not defending.  Every single AB – we cap the farm and every single person runs off and we lose it.  How did horde ever get a good name with PVP if people can’t stay and defend??  Anyway, it has been enjoyable and as I will never be a serious PVPer, I don’t mind the distraction from missing being in raids.

I can’t believe I have been involved in that many kills!!!  Hubby got his last night as well, we were about 200 apart, but given I have only ever played my mage it is not surprising that I am slightly in front.

I was so excited to see that pop up, it means I am 1/8th of the way there – Woot!  (sad panda face)  Oh the Pain!!

This is my girl in all her PVP gear 🙂  Doesn’t she look purdy?!?!?  I hate that cloak though, I really need to find something purple to transmog it to!!

2 comments on “PVP Killing machines!

    • Thanks, I was quite surprised how nice the set looked actually…although I do hate the cloak, doesn’t match at all! I really need to find a purple one to transmog it to.

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