The Start of Chibi Cuteness!!!


This was the best cheer up present I could have gotten today!!  I was a little depressed about a few things and this has just boosted me!!

Kutty Sark Chibi

I absolutely adore the robes, but I could never find anything that went with them from a transmog point of view, but she looks almost like little red riding hood here and I think it is fantastic!!  I love it so much 🙂

The cute little gem on her forehead and the hair beads…it is soooo perfect for my beautiful mage!

Thanks so much for this awesome awesome chibi!  Hubby is making it into a twitter background for me  this week 🙂  I believe I actually get this as an actual painting as well, so I can’t wait to frame it and place above my pc.

9 comments on “The Start of Chibi Cuteness!!!

  1. That’s so cute and I have to echo Mctacky, avoid Worgen at all costs, that that red cowl is bound to have the same effect as a red cape to a bull.

    I love the impression of movement it gives.

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