Day 16: Things you miss (Post Cataclysm)

I have been thinking about this one for a while, and I can honestly say, there isn’t much I have been missing – well certainly nothing springs to mind – I honestly believe they keep making the game better.

I love the changes they made to the game, I love the new quest chains and progress.  I think some of the re-done areas are even more wonderful than before.

This is probably a bit of a dud question really – especially given the NEW xpac is on it’s way!!


One comment on “Day 16: Things you miss (Post Cataclysm)

  1. I agree that much of what Blizzard have delivered is really good. However, there are things I do miss. It’s slightly perverse but it’s the bashing head against wall difficult of the content we usedidto pull our hair out with. The quest in the Southern Barrens with the digging up silitid eggs. Charge! Dig! Loot egg! Run away! Aggro a bird and then a feckin’ hyena. Die. Rez. Eat. Charge in again. Two hours later quest complete! 0.05% of a level’s worth of XP. Running back to Crossroads you’dbump into the four Alliance Outriders,

    I use to go back to the Barrens every so oftenwhen I was 60 and later 70 and 80 justto gank those feckers!

    Happy days!

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