Leather and Lace

Mataoka over at WoWSugar has gone ahead and done another competition like the plate one recently thrown into the blogosphere – called Leather and Lace.  This one is more my taste considering I have gone to a lot of effort on my druid and my pally was not transmogged until about 3 days ago. Rules and information are on her website 😀

I wanted my baby to look like a druid with greens and browns and yellows, to be earty yet still sassy.  I did a few lowbie quests for some gear like my weapon which has ever changing flowers on it and I scoured the AH and professions of people to find gear I liked and matched my overal look.

I love my druid – almost as much as my mage – almost…follow me to see her Outfit to be Azeroth’s Next Top Leather Wearer!!

Frontal pose for full robe effect of awesome. Staff with Blue Flowers.

Feathery facial shot – I love that helm. Staff with Ivy leaves which fall off and flutter into the wind.

Cloak and weapon. ❤ that staff – Blue mushrooms now.

Staff with pink flowers.

Gear List:

Head:  Feathermoon Headdress

Chest: Ymirjar Physician’s Robe

Gloves: Obsidian Arborweave Gloves

Belt: Cord of Lost Hope

Weapon: Staff of the Verdant Circle

Cloak: Ivycloth Cloak

Shoulders: Deep Earth Shoulderwraps

Other people in the competition:

Tome Of the Ancient






6 comments on “Leather and Lace

    • Thanks Navimie, don’t stress about feeling like the crow – they are beautiful creatures in their own right – and let’s face it – the competition is fierce!! hehehe

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