I dislike this boss on 10 man 🙂

We spent all night wiping on him – 1.5 hours! The upside to it being we have it worked out!

We got him to 32% (?) and then ENRAGE!!!! Eeep 😦

However we survived to do that and then we kept repeating as well. We need to work out the ball explosion and keeping the tank/melee group alive and how often to bounce it. I will try and do some research into the general consensus.

I changed to frost spec as well for some extra mana regen as our healers were really struggling, and I wasn’t doing all that bad given I was the ball handler 🙂 so I might rejig my gems and reforging just a little as I only have one set of gear….

I like frost – I spent about 30 minutes on the target dummy the other day just trying to learn the rotation and get used to the prices and I think that really helped me last night. I haven’t been frost since MC but if I can pull it off for raiding I think it is pretty versatile 🙂 and besides blizzard say they don’t have enough parses of frost mages to determine anything; so I will be helping them!!

Back to the point I think we made good progress last night. If we can smash him on Sunday it would be good as I think the other bosses are going to be easier than this guy!

So off to do my research and see if I can glean any tips!

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