Patch 4.3 and LFR

being that Wednesday is my day off from work, I was pretty excited when I got out of bed this morning and after my morning coffee remembered that 4.3 had hit last night.

Of course there are lots of new things to do and see and try out, so I think I did most of them ๐Ÿ™‚ Here are some of my very hastily typed out thoughts!

The LFR rocks! It is definitely awesome and has achieved the desired affect. Took me an hour to do the first four bosses in there and gave me a great head start on the 10 man content.

There were idiots in the LFR at 7am when I was doing it having a go at people for dying and not knowing the fights – apparently not doing the PTR is a cardinal sin :). However overall it was good, thanks to a bear called Varen leading my first time through; he was patient and explaining the fights. Thanks Varen ๐Ÿ™‚

The void storage/transmog is a little meh – I don’t have enough of any set to want to transmog and I think the void storage was more expensive than I anticipated….I have to run someone MC to get my set completed. Maybe this weekend if I can score some time on the pc.

I love the new charger – he is awesome and as with the many people already saying it – does look awesome in shadow ๐Ÿ™‚

My Druid is now level 77 as well – finally did some runs on her again, I have missed playing her!

2 comments on “Patch 4.3 and LFR

  1. Morons in LFR I’m shocked. No seriously I think they exist to underline how nice people like Varen are. It amazes people that I can be like the dude sometimes. My rule is: I don’t care how much of a noob you are you are only an idiot when you don’t, or don’t want to listen. Noobs is fine, ignorant and not listening, wasting my time and others – not acceptable.

    It’s funny how people’s reactions to the same things in game differ so widely, but then that’s the joy of Warcraft. We all find our niche. Transmog I can certainly live without and new mount? Meh. Now a new companion pet…Void Storage is yummy because I don’t throw away anything fishing related. I have several fishing rods and various battered copies of Nat Pagle’s angling guides, an unlucky rock I fished up, Old Crafty (dead now, of course, and rotten, but I’m undead, like I say “Rotten eggs: like a spring breeze…”) The first truly colossal piece of loot I ever got (boss wise, but the stats were also pretty good too) was the Nathrezim Mindblade I plucked out of the last boss in Karazhan, Prince Malchezaar’s cold dead hand – something I can’t bring myself to dis, self or throw in a ditch.

    Ah alts…if I want to get them leveled up and have limited time and/or motivation I just run them through dungeons. I have six, soon to be eight, level 85s again. I’ve decided to run four to 90 more or less concurrently in Pandas In The Mist. Jewelcrafting, enchanting and decent one handed swords cost a fortune early expansion, plus I’ll need the druid to fly around ninja-ing herbs and mining. Happy days. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • My rule is: I donโ€™t care how much of a noob you are you are only an idiot when you donโ€™t, or donโ€™t want to listen. Noobs is fine, ignorant and not listening, wasting my time and others โ€“ not acceptable.

      Thats my general rule as well ๐Ÿ™‚ We all started out somehwhere and had to learn, so I can forgive that easily!

      all the mindblade – yes that was an awesome piece of gear when it came out – I remember the arguments about that one, I am glad to see you have the same appreication for it that I do!

      I can’t believe you have that many maxxed alts! I just don’t have time with all the raiding and prepping for raiding I do…which ones are you going to levelling to 90 – 4 is still a nice achievement in my eyes!

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