Complete pandemonium

What a fight!!!!

Can I just start with my amazement with how fast 3 minutes goes when you are flying around like an insane superman trying to locate floating circles of awesome?!?!?

The trash before the actual fight is killer! Took us 3 wipes before we got it…nasty! Got it sorted out eventually and then I accidentally clicked the feather and started the fight so I take full responsibility for the first wipe!! :/

In the end we got through one cycle of the fight on each attempt we had last night, however by the 4th phase we had 1-2? people alive…

I think the fight is certainly doable and once we have a bit more practice it will make a little more sense. We didn’t expect to get as far as we did, consistently getting boss under 85%, our lowest was 81%….

Not sure if we plan to extend lockout this week or start from scratch again, but I can’t wait to sink my teeth into aly again.

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