Level 60 :D

My druid is level 60!  Woot Woot!

Finally got here, now only a few more levels to go.

I am very quickly getting over my will to run dungeons – so many pricks, but to be completely fair – I have had so many more runs that haven’t been horrible.  I think the stats are currently running at about 1 out of 3 I get abused for something.

I just ignore them and until I get booted out of one I am not going to worry – I am not in end game on this toon and honestly I am levelling – I really don’t have an issue with my dos not being top notch right now.

Hell I am wearing 2 pieces of kitty leather simply because they are heirloom items and I don’t have the badges (or the inclination to waste said badges) for the caster ones.

I have managed to get here pretty quickly, just over 2 days when I /played, so overall I am happy with that 😀


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