Shared Topic: Class/Lore

Oathblade asks the Shared Topic this week:

Blizzard often tries to work unusual race/class combinations into the game for various reasons. Who do you think are the winners and losers in their efforts? Why? Does it matter if there is more representation of it (Quests, NPCs, etc) or the importance/quality?

I only really have one beef with the Class/Lore combos that have been added to the game – and really it is only because I am such a Fantasy nerd that I am just hung up on things.  Let’s face, these creatures (races) are mythical and by that very fact – their rules/history/lore can be changed to suit whatever situation or story the author wants them to.

I still,  even trying to think objectively, cannot handle Dwarven Shammies….It just doesn’t sit right with me that they use magic (as opposed to other types of magic huh??!?  LOL).  It is well regarded (fact!) lore, that droves don’t like magic or anything to do with gives them the wiggins (YAY Buffy reference).  I know I know – drawve priests use magic and so do most of the other classes, but it isn’t like lightening bolts etc.


I don’t really mind about the other stuff – like quests and story etc – but having said that – I am a raider at heart…I am not an RPer who is into the actual history and Lore of each combo and area.  I don’t care what reason Blizz create for explaining each combo – I am still going to play the game, I am still going to kill bosses and I am still going to chase achievements….the reasons behind it are not overly relevant to me 🙂

So there you have it….my little take on the subject matter this week.

2 comments on “Shared Topic: Class/Lore

  1. Think your right that Dwarven Shamans do seem a little odd. What the heck, they look the part if I’m honest. Like a rebel, naturalistic Paladin right?

    – Jamin

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