Just a few achievements…

So i did say a few posts ago I would throw up some of my recent achievements as I haven’t had a chance to keep on top of them with everything I have been doing in game.

So I have placed it behind a cut as I have made it all images 😀  Enjoy!!

40 reputations!!! My most treasured achievement!

Ready for raiding? I hope so after 5 years!

Only Fishing and Archaeology to go!

Molten Front achievements....there are so many!

So much fun to get this achievement

More molten front achievements

Scored some war drums 😀 Nice!

No idea how I even got this - I just stayed away from the food and voila!


Anyway, these are just a few of the ones I have gotten in the last week or so.  There are so many more and in all honesty it would be unfair of me to bore you to tears with them.

I couldn’t find my screenshot for getting the dungeon one – having finally run all heroics 😀 What ones are you guys currently chasing?  Any?


4 comments on “Just a few achievements…

  1. Grats!!

    Where does “King of the Spider-Hill” come from? I don’t recall ever noticing that one.

    I haven’t been playing WoW enough outside of raids to really think about achievements, but I’d like to go for the heroics drake. Just need to find 4 buddies to help me out!

    • It’s on the molten front, head to the spider area and attack a red colored one on the highest stone pillar collection 🙂 then just work your way to the top!

      Make sure to kill each spider though, they hit a little hard and cause issues for you reaching the top!

      Let me know when you get it!!

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