Day 3 : first day playing wow

My first day I simply don’t remember, it was so long ago and I just have no recollection of that day!

However I am going to take poetic license and talk about the first time I was told and consequently shown WoW.

My husbands best mate was down for the weekend – yes with his pc – we used to get together and play Warcraft and rise of nations etc! He lives about 3 hours away, so we don’t see each him as often as we would like!

Anyway hubby and him were discussing wow in great length and I was still trying to get my head around the idea of thousands of people playing in real time together 🙂

So Our friend logged into the game and was at the auction house at the time. He showed us around the world and then headed to badlands to show us the fighting 🙂 hubby and I both had turns playing this super awesome level 40 something Druid who could change shape!!!

I was then lucky enough to be able to start a toon up from scratch – I was hooked!! Completely and utterly in love!!! We didn’t get the game right away though and I am almost certain our friend ended up buying us a couple of copies…. I can’t be sure though 🙂

So if I ever get mocked because of my obsession, I simply blame our friend 🙂

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