dragonfyre the Pilgrim

Yup, finally got it!!

I spent about 2 hours the other night trying to to get to Exodar to do the final table, but for some reason I just kept doing things wrong. I kepy drowning of fatigure trying to get to teldrassil, kept forgetting to use my water walking potion :/ The the guards would be kill me before I had a chance to get onto the boat once I got onto Teldrassil, being they are level 85 now I must have managed to just run the exact path that gathered them all.

In the end I begged my husband to come with me so he could sacrifice himself and attract the guards whilst I ran through….We did this quote successfully and he said to me “Um what was so hard about that???” and I just felt so dumb……until I noticed him at a third health and shielded and healing…ahhhh so it was almost death for you as well…..hehehe

Anyway I am glad I got it done, means I have another pet, and another title 😀

I have also collected all the new tabards for the main cities – except undercity i think…I need to find their quartermaster, but pretty cool that I have a bunch of new tabards to wear. I don’t need the rep – except for the new Bilgewater Cartel obvioulsy once Cata drops. I am hoping they create some new achievements for collectors as we have gone stale – although I do still need to work on my mount one…I am 83 of 100….


Quick update

I have been extremely busy this last week, so haven’t really had a chance to update or indeed even play very much.

So I was appalled when I finally caught up on some wow news to find out the shattering was/is/had happened!! OMG I MISSED IT!!!

So I hastily jumped online late last night when i got home decided to just have a fly around the new areas – some of them – and start on my pilgrim’s bounty stuff before the weekend kills my chances of getting my damn turkey pet 🙂 GOBBLE GOBBLE!!

I have to say I was a completely confused by orgrimmar…I LOVE the changes – but I was so lost 🙂 It was exciting to be in the same world but not in the same world 🙂

I got most of my achievements done, I just need to do the instance, find some rogues and…I can’t remember i think I have one more…can’t remember what though. I have to do the dailies every day because I was stupid and didn’t realize the turkey shooter only had one use…yeah I just wasn’t paying attention, so I am hoping like hell I get enough of them before the end of the festival..I kept taking the clothes as rewards….<—-RTARD!!!

I have to actually do some work now, so I will post again later 😀

Shared Topic: Autoblogography

I was alarmed at our lack of up and coming topics, so I figured it was time I suggest a topic myself.

Lets write our autoblogography!

What pushed you to start blogging? What challenges have you faced? What are you favorite posts and why? What are the stories behind them? How has blogging affected your gaming?

Those of you who enjoy writing in character could write feature your character reflecting on how they’ve changed since day 1 and about their favorite adventures.

If you’re a new blogger, you can write about your experience so far, about what you hope for the future.

EDIT: Here’s an example post: http://bossypally.wordpress.com/2010/11 … ogography/

My autoblogography is probably not exciting to anyone else, but it is a journey for me which has given me an outlet I can use to just delve into life a little more.  I remember when I started blogging.  i was living in Sydney at the time and my girlfriend and I were having lunch and she was telling me about Livejournal and how good it was to just write stuff down.

I have been a big fan of written journals and over the years have kept quite a few, my only problem being I can’t seem to manage to ever actually update them.  Life gets in the way and I always lost track of them after a few months.  Online Blogging was something I could update anytime I was near a PC, I could just throw an email at it and then format it later if I wanted to.  I started my LJ on 5th February 2003.    I didn’t update it all that much and to be honest in those first few months it was rather a jumble of crap.

I was in a very negative headspace and to be honest I use my personal blog more of a venting station than anything, which I am slowly trying to change.  I still fall back into that habit though of not  updating about the positive things that happen.  We, as humans, always tend to remember the negative though.

Anyway when I started playing WoW in 2005, I would update my personal blog, but honestly, I had so many non geek friends that my updates made no sense to them and pretty soon I was fielding questions about my gaming life that I just kind of got sick of answering.  I stopped updating about WoW.    I really wanted a place to talk about WoW though, I wanted  a home I could update about my toons and use my screenshots and meet other people that love this game as much as me.  So I started reading other WoW blogs.  Just reading daily/weekly whenever they updated.

One thing I noticed was there were so many blogs out there with hardcore guilds.  I couldn’t find any small unknown guilds who were struggling to get past Crazy Cat lady – you know just your joe average teams.  So I started considering I could make a blog.  Originally in the hunt to find active mage resources I was going to make it a blog about mages – all things mages, but I decided I didn’t know anywhere near enough – or have the inclination to learn how or why things worked.  I just want to know the stats I need – I don’t need to know the formula and multipliers etc etc…That’s what places like elitist jerks is for – and that is not my style.  So in the end I just created a home for my toons and my wow life.  It has changed names a few times and I do keep meaning to make it a free standing website, but I just never get around to it.  Maybe I can make that a project for my Uni degree 😀

After I started delving deeper into the blogosphere, I started finding the average guild.  I was ecstatic when I read a blog (I honestly can’t remember whose) about how they were just unable to kill Freya – I even offered some advice as we had only just killed her ourselves after weeks of wiping, but it was so nice to see that others were struggling on bosses.  Just as we were.  So many of us read about these hardcore guilds and players that can reach 15k dps by clicking one button, but let’s face it – they are not the majority of the player base.  I felt much better about my gameplay, my guild and our progress when i found this out. I also started finding different boss strats and got better at searching blogs for strats, alternative methods for killing them which I could take back to the guild and we would try.

My blog, is not meant to be serious, and probably half the blogosphere finds it terribly dull that I update with boring things like mounts and pets and raid kills, however they are an important part of my WoW history and I enjoy that side of the game.  I initially created my blog to get connected and to make friends in the blogosphere, friends who understood the game and the obsession it can cause; the addiction that grows when playing. It didn’t/hasn’t happened (There is still hope right?!?!!?) and I still have very few people outside of the game that I can even chat to about it.  Possibly selfish motivations for creating a blog, I know, but hey I figured there was other people out there who were the same.

Currently, my blog is very much about the normal side of WoW life, as with Cataclysm coming out I am not raiding, I am not in an active guild and I am not really even playing all that much.  Just jumping on to do dailies and anything else I wanted to get done – like farm pets, mounts, rep, CHAMPION SEALS!!!!!  Etc.  Once Cata comes out and we start building the guild up and raiding, I am I will get back to posting about  boss strats and kills and guild drama, but for the moment I am enjoying the headspace of just WoW enjoyment.

My priestie is getting there :D

I have been jumping on the occassional LFG with my priestie, and she is now level 39!!

I am pretty excited, and I have tio admit running constant LFG is not the way to gear her, but it is better than questing through tarren Mill and STV again!!  LOL

edited to add –

She is level 40 now!! YAY!!

Will consider switching her to the horde and onto my mains realm shortly I think, so I can help with gear and professions levelling :G  Plus I need all the silk for my mage to hand in for BB rep 🙂 heeheheh

Hyacinth macaw and renaming my waterboy :D

Trying to get my rep back up from the Bloodsail Admiral title, and i decided to farm myself the Hyacinth macaw.  I go out to STV every few weeks and farm for a little while.  I would say I have farmed for maybe 9 hours in total down there, and that’s probably more than.  But I scored my Macaw today!!

Then after deciding to see if a rename worked, I changed by water elemental to Nereid, which is a water elemental spirit, in Greek Mythology they often accompany Poseidon and are associated with the Aegan Sea 😀

To change his name :

/run PetRename(“Goose”)

Obviously change Goose to whatever name you actually want to use.  This is also a permanent change and cannot be altered later 😀  Here he is with his wonderful new name 😀  Better than just “Water elemental” if you ask me!!!

Does your RL job affect your GL job?

I have just had an epiphany of wow proportions I think?

I posted on my personal blog this morning the following post:


I think this is a major factor as to why I could not be an effective guild leader in the eyes of some people.

My real life job is about managing relationships, making people happy to use the service my company provides.  It is about dealing with over 30 specific people with different personalities and goals and somehow managing to always keep them happy to come back to us.

I used this in my guild leadership methods.  If people were unhappy I wanted to know why so I could investigate and correct if needed.  I thought my efforts would be appreciated by people.  I enjoyed having some part of the control of a guild where I could affect change when needed to ensure said happiness did occur.

Over the time as a guild leader, a few people made it quite difficult for me to do as the basic message was that you can’t make everyone happy.  To a degree I agree with this statement, but as my job entails doing exactly that I was not understanding why it would not translate into the game.  The point being that some people will never be happy and will always attack and belittle the people trying to make the experience good for them.

I was devastated when i left my old guild as I had believed I was making a group of people work together and put aside their differences.  Obviously, they are all still together and happy so I was not a factor in that. This makes me sad to realise that not only in my gaming life, but in my personal life I am just not good at managing relationships.

Yes it was just one negative email, over the hundreds of positive ones I have received, but the negative was so very negative to me, and about my abilities and efforts.

This morning has made me realise that no matter how much you think you are making a difference or doing something good for a group of people, they will inevitably attack you on a personal level with no thought for how it affects you; emotionally or psychologically.

So in the end I suck as a guild leader because I was trying to use my tactics and methods of managing relationships at work, with my guild members in game.  I was treating them as people we wanted to keep in the guild, people I wanted to stay on and be loyal and be happy with their time spent.  I was a dickhead for thinking this was possible.

TL;DR version:

Treat em mean, keep em keen.

Shared Topic : Classes in Raid

Recently I’ve been working with my guildmates to figure out what classes to bring to our 10-man Cata raid. Since 10-mans are no longer the smaller easier child you can overgear with 25-man gear, the buffs you bring are even more crucial to setting up a successful raid groups.

And this has gotten me thinking about how we think of classes. We tend to see them mostly as what buffs they bring and their DPS. But often other things are important too, and even more so given that Blizzard wants us to pay more attention to things like CC, mana management, that sort of thing (no more simple stand and DPS fights).

So the topic would be about people posting the interesting and useful things their class brings that won’t appear in a buff per class spreadsheet. I haven’t made my post yet, but I’ll talk about Death Knight-y things like survival techniques, slowing abilities, run speed, things like that. And I’ll add the link here when I write it.

edit: Here’s my post on the subject: http://runeforgegossip.wordpress.com/20 … aid-buffs/


I think this is a very interesting topic, likely to get a few people offside and heated if we were too discuss this real time, but I shall attempt to delve into the madness….

I have never really looked at what buffs raiders can bring, I have always looked at the player and not the class, Blizz think they are finally going to make this better and have already said multiple times they want you to be able to do these fights irrelevant of what buffs you have.  That statement is fine for a group of mates who just want to play together and have some fun, but the majority of people out there – trying to run guilds will not be looking at that, they will be looking at the most beneficial group of buffs to have in any team set up.    I think that is very sad, as I am sure there are some great players out there that could shine if given a chance.

However there are some things that I think are just awesome in a raid aside from the standard group buff they provide.  Replenishment is a major one for me.  Any kind of replensihment – health or mana – any class that can give back to the raid is in my top 😀  It may not be much but when you are having a longer than expected turn of events that one last heal that got provided could be the difference between dead or alive tank.

Not that I am being biased in my next one at all, but you have to have a mage.  Food and portals at the end are just a necessary thing in a raid environment.  I have been in so many raids where people forgot to go to the vendor before hand and are left scrounging around for food off people.  Unprofessional, time consuming and just annoying 😀  So Mages are always a must have 😀  They also do have the single most awesome CC ability in the game, noneof the other CC’s are as good, there is just nothing you can compete with regarding a non cooldown CC.

Someone with the Cooking, alchemy and enginneering – yes I know not a class based thing, but I would rather take someone with something useful to the raid and has good DPS then someone who gives me a buff and can’t play 😀  Cooking for fish feasts, alchemy in case poeple need potions (which most of the time they do – and will be very useful come cata with the cauldrons) and enginneering for repair bots because you can bet your best brain cell SOMEONE will forget to repair when they go to the raid and after the first boss fight will have zero durability because one add hit them over the head with a big pointy stick  😀

The only other thing that i worry about with raid make up – is who can play versus who can’t?  I won’t take a person to a raid because they offer some buff if they are the one who is constantly standing in the damn fire or dying.  So based on that logic, I don’t care what my raid make up is regarding buffs, I would much rather take the person than the class.  But maybe I am taking Blizz too literally, I guess we will see once Cata comes out and we start building a raiding guild again.

I did have a thought the other day though, it would be so beyond awesome to have a class raid all the time (like the VA class runs), just one of each class in the raid and no double ups.  I was laughed out of the vents channel when I said it, but gear would never get sharded for not having a certain class with you, buffs would be pretyy much a non issue, CC would be a non issue since you have one of every type, and the most important factor being you would have a mage with you on every single run 🙂  Yeah I think that would be a sexy raid 😀

Shared Topic: Home is where ur rump rests :D

With the advent of Cataclysm and its attendant pre-expansion patches, Azeroth is (as has been said thousands of times) undergoing a dramatic change. Over the last few weeks it’s got me thinking, and the result is a topic suggestion:

What does ‘home’ mean in your book? Do you have a particular home in Azeroth – a place you feel you belong, that you know like the back of your hand, or that you feel more comfortable in than anywhere else? Would this be different for different characters or different factions, or is there just a place that really resonates with you? Do you think Cataclysm will prompt you to find new and different turf, or will you be heading back there first thing to see what might have changed? If it is destroyed, how do you think that will affect your experience of the game, or your characters’ lives? Or do you think the whole idea of having a home doesn’t even really apply to a game?

And here’s mine, sneaking in just before the end of the week: http://eightpaws.wordpress.com/2010/11/ … -desolace/

I have lef tthis topic to the last minute and have re-written it over 15 times.  I just can’t find one spot that i call home on any of my characters.  I think one of the pitfalls of having played this game since vanilla is that everywhere is home in my eyes.  I have done the Loremaster achievement and the exploration achievement, which also adds to my knowledge of the lands…
I can’t call affinity with one area anymore.  I have been through most places so much on so many toons.  SO what I am attempting to say, is that I feel at home in Azeorth.  I will be honest and say I am not a fan of Northrend, it has not given me the joy the other areas has, so I will be very glad to see the back end of it, killing the Lich Kind Aside of course 😀
I know this post is short and sweet, but I just couldn’t really pick one spot, I had to pick them all!!

Busy little beaver…sexy achievements and mounts :D

I got some more mount love…no it wasn’t he headless horseman – it was the green proto-drake from those damn eggs!!

YAY!!  I have no idea how many eggs I have cracked, but finally it paid off…now just deciding if I want to work up my frenxyheart rep and get the other achievements for that…..tis extra money as well…

Then started fluffing about today, being that it is a public holiday and scored a Feat of strength achievement for the rift killings….Let me tell you this was a sucky feat….You basically had to camp in one spot for an hour to get it….but in years to come perhaps I will be able to show off 🙂 heheh