To reveal or not to reveal?

So I am tossing up posting my toons up here, well mainly my pally and my mage since they are my main toons really…and I am torn…

IN some ways it would be good for feedback etc, so people can comment on what I am stuffing up, and perhaps people who find this blog interesting (and not in my guild) can drop past and say hello etc….

but that very same scrutiny and interest is what keep sme not wanting to publish who I am….

So tell me good blog readers….do you want to know which toons are mine so you can offer constructive critiscm or cyber stalk?  LOL

2 comments on “To reveal or not to reveal?

    • LOL very true, so very true 🙂

      I shall ponder for a day and then decide if I am willing to give away not just my identity but my guildies as well 😀

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