So I have downloaded FRAPS as I want to start filming the guild boss kills 🙂  However I am not sure I can handle the bad quality that comes with having to have the settings at the midrange level 😀

I set everything to the highest settings you could have and went into VOA and taped the same boss fight as per my last video – the only problem is….the video is now 1.92 Gb!!!  HAAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAH  I really can’t explain how funny I find that!

So I may try to cut it down a little on my mac and post it in the next few days if I can manage to get synergy working on the computers again, for some reason I can’t get my mac to switch on….synergy is pissing me off to be honest 🙂

Anyway here is a little snippet of my computer now, with some running around in Dalaran to just get the screen to do anything funny or weird…this was taken a few days ago now, but I just kept forgetting to post it up and show the comparison to this   video  😀

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