missing you :(

So Monday night?  I was needed to raid, so I jumped online for the guys, and spent the night wiping on Profressor and Dreamwalker.

Both were good learning experiences, difficult fights, and insanly difficult for some of the guild members as they are just not raid aware enough, this may be a painful trip to the end.

Aside from all that it reminded me of how much I miss the game, not so much the wiping and screwing up, but the being part of something that was bigger than just me.

I logged on to a whole bunch of hellos and yay your back and I felt all warm and fuzzy.  I really do love some of the people in my guild, they have followed me through so much and I owe them a hell of a lot, I wish I could do more for them and get some people in that can actually play, but well, it was never our focus and I think that has just gotten a little harder to be lenient about when they have made the encounters so much harder now.

But I missed my green chat, I msised my pink whispers and I missed my special channels.

Yes I am an addict, but I can’t help it.  I missed it, I missed my friends and I missed my bear.

I just sometimes wish I was in a more progressive guild, without me runnning it!!  LOL  I hate ahving to boot people for not being able to play to a high standard :/ which = fail!    in this day and age.

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